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Justin Formella, CIO

Justin stands at the helm of the high-tech side of MBX’s operations. With the mindset that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, Justin leads a talented team of IT and development pros that are instrumental in creating the cutting-edge applications and systems on which MBX operates. This in house expertise and capability gives MBX the flexibility our customers appreciate and our competitors envy.

  • Drives a ’66 Mustang and other vintage cars
  • Aficionado of craft brews
  • Had photography published for an article in Money
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Tom Crowley, CEO

As founder and CEO, Tom’s laid-back intensity is not an oxymoron – at MBX, we work hard and play hard. Tom fosters a culture of innovation and respect, where cross-functional departments collaborate to develop breakthrough solutions for customers. Tom fuels his passion for quality by empowering his employees to, above all, do what’s right for the customer.

  • Greatest achievement is launching two kids into college
  • Has played in the same Southern Rock band for 24 years
  • Takes annual ski trip to Telluride with the same high school buddies
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Len Petty, CFO

Len keeps his magnifying glass aimed at supply chain efficiency and keeping customers’ credit flowing. Len runs a tight ship to maintain a healthy balance sheet so MBX can scale capacity to meet customer demand and to finance MBX’s growth strategy. Len’s passion is promoting personal development– whether it’s encouraging his team at MBX or the athletes he coaches on the grid iron.

  • A big fan of all Marvel Comics movies
  • Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches are his comfort food
  • Has a Class A CDL to drive big rigs and operate heavy construction equipment
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Jill Bellak, President and COO

If MBX were an orchestra, Jill would be its conductor. Jill harmonizes departments – from engineering to sales to support – ensuring everyone is working towards the same goals. Jill stays hands-on with customers long into the relationship, looking to flesh out new MBX products and services to make their job easier.  This customer focus keeps Jill’s teams charging forward to build Raving Fans of MBX.

  • Loves to travel, most unusual trip was an African safari in Tanzania
  • Favorite competitive sport is fantasy football
  • Loves to drive her Jeep with its top off
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Carl Nothnagel, Director of Operations

Carl oversees manufacturing, distribution and logistics and all the technicians and specialists who document, schedule, configure, test, package, stock and deploy systems globally.  Carl ran the factory during MBX’s triple digit growth in 2010, adeptly finding ways to scale operations without impacting quality. Relocating in Q4 2012 gave Carl’s team an 8-fold increase in manufacturing and warehouse space plus additional technology-based processes to continue driving high quality and on-time delivery.


  • Likes fishing for walleye in Canada
  • Listens to audio books, enjoys zombie apocalypse and survival books
  • Watches football too much
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Chris Schmidt, Director of Sales & Marketing

With the mindset that marketing’s role is to support the account management and sales teams, Chris ensures a symbiotic relationship between these functional areas. By developing and communicating the programs and tools customers need to succeed, from comprehensive custom branding of everything that goes in and on their carton, to remote support services – Chris’ teams are focused on MBX customers and getting their products to market faster, smarter and everywhere they market them.

  • Secretly wants to be General Manager of the Chicago Bears
  • Loves to grill, no matter what the weather
  • Only thing he’s more passionate about than MBX is his wife and kids
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Chris Tucker, Director of Business Development

Chris and his energetic team defied the recession and brought a record number of new customers to MBX over the last two years. Chris’ team stays involved in the relationship to ensure new customers achieve results with MBX that exceed expectations. Chris works tirelessly championing MBX in the market and demonstrating the abundant advantages MBX hardware programs provide.

  • Removes ‘Caps Lock’ from his keyboards
  • Plays drums and taps compulsively
  • Swears its aluminium, not aluminum
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Jeff Luckett, Director of Engineering

With rock-solid innovation at its core, Jeff’s engineering team is adept at configuring robust, long-lifecycle platforms for customers’ software. Jeff fosters an environment of collaboration, bringing engineers with different expertise together to formulate solutions. Maintaining open lines of communication between his engineers and your development team, Jeff aims to reduce your hardware distractions and keep your focus on software.

  • Enjoys a cappella
  • Reads every night…Dr. Seuss, Thomas the Tank Engine, etc.
  • Thinks every communication should include…

Meet the Team

MBX Systems is one of the fastest growing manufacturers of server appliances and embedded systems. We are 100% focused on turnkey hardware programs and services. MBX’s reputation is built on a strategic, yet flexible, approach to customers’ hardware programs:

  • Dedicated account team managing program services
  • Unmatched system configuration and branding capabilities
  • Engineering and lifecycle management expertise
  • Scalable manufacturing in our ISO9001: 2008 certified factory
  • Access to an international network of logistics and system support specialists

Serving ISVs, OEMs and service providers in more than 40 vertical markets, MBX helps improve customers’ efficiency by becoming the hardware extension of their development department, to optimize their applications on purpose-built systems, accelerate their time to market, and efficiently manage global deployment.

Since 1995 MBX has focused on continuous improvement and leads the industry in quality, on-time delivery, and customer satisfaction – with the metrics and 18 consecutive years of growth to back it up.

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