How We Do It

Your experience with hardware appliance manufacturers probably falls on one end of the spectrum or the other: large-scale OEMs with high-quality manufacturing but inflexible program services, or smaller-scale OEMs with flexible program services but highly-chaotic, inconsistent manufacturing.


MBX is recognized as the industry hybrid: high-quality manufacturing in a nimble environment with the agility to right-size program services in collaboration with our customers. We can try telling you how we do it, but it’s better that we show you because – Actions Speak Louder.

How we do it
  • Dedicated Account Team: We take a partnership approach to hardware programs – your role is developing applications and ours is to team up and create great solutions to deploy them. Customer service is not a process defined in a manual; it’s our passion and ingrained in the MBX culture.
  • Advanced Technology: We invest heavily in developing technology to run our business and manage each facet of your hardware program. It allows our highly-customized workflow to stay flexible and adapt with your evolving requirements, and it provides program transparency to you with electronic data interchange, remote hardware monitoring software and our highly-acclaimed Customer Portal.
  • Continuous Improvement: We are fanatics for metrics. External metrics like Quarterly Business Reviews measure how satisfied you are with MBX, internal metrics explain why. With 95% customer retention we’re on the right track, but we’re relentlessly trying to turn every customer into a Raving Fan of MBX.
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Actions Speak Louder…

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