Maximize the performance of your software on server appliances beginning with a hardware-optimized server platform. Our “hardware agnostic” technical engineers can configure hardware appliances from an almost unlimited array of standard or custom servers that are rightsized for your application, from small form factor and 1U-6U standard rackmount servers to custom dense storage server chassis and full rack integration.

Standard Platforms

Rackmount Appliances, Custom Rackmount Servers

Configured with a range of off-the-shelf components from quality hardware manufacturers, the advantage of standard platforms is the ability to optimize your server hardware configuration specifically for your software while maintaining quick time-to-market for your appliance-based products.

Tier One Platforms

HP ProLiant, HPE Proliant, 1U server

MBX creates Tier One platforms using the industry’s most trusted and known suppliers, and has earned the distinction of HPE OEM-I and Intel Premier Partner Platinum. Custom configured to optimize the hardware for your application, MBX Tier One platforms enhance your brand and make your hardware appliances easier to market.

1U – 6U Platforms

2U Rackmount Server Appliance

Versatile 1U short-, mid- and full-depth chassis supporting single or dual processors, up to 8 hard drives, multiple PCI expansion options, and single or dual power supplies. Full-depth 2U, 3U, 4U and 6U rackmount hardware platforms featuring 1, 2 or 4 CPUs, AC or DC power, and up to 72 hard drives.

Mini Platforms

Small Form Factor Hardware Appliance

Mini-ITX and Cube Micro ATX platforms provide a small footprint while allowing options such as LCD, multiple network connectivity options and multiple hard drives. These platforms support low power Atom CPUs as well as socketed Intel Dual and Quad core CPUs.

Front Port Platforms

Front Port Platforms

Mid-depth rackmount platforms include front facing ethernet ports and support single or dual Intel processors and optional LCD. Ports can be individually labeled and color coordinated with cables for ease of installation.

Modified/Custom Server Configuration

Custom storage server, rackmount appliance

Applications that require a custom server chassis, unique componentry, special tooling, or other hardware platform modifications are engineered to specification as a modified or custom platform for optimizing your software’s performance on a server appliance.

Rack Integration

Full Rack Appliances, Rackmount Servers

Large-scale implementation of multiple rackmount servers are jointly configured and efficiently powered for plug-and-play installation. Both the appliance hardware and the server rack are customizable with your branding to increase the visibility and recognition of your product in the data center.

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