Lifecycle Management

When your hardware is specifically configured for your application’s performance, hearing that a primary component is being retired isn’t good news. Hardware obsolescence can introduce unwelcomed challenges for your software such as driver compatibility, firmware characteristics and future performance of your new platform. It can also lead to delays in getting your products to customers eroding customer satisfaction and recognizing revenue.

Lifecycle ManagementWhile configuration changes are inevitable and impossible to bypass for long, working with a premier hardware partner like MBX is key to smoothly streamlining the transition without missing an order. Not only will the re-engineering process be less disruptive, but it also often improves overall system performance – a tangible benefit for your end users.

How does MBX ensure an effective transition plan is at the ready?

With time-tested engineering best practices, a documented project management process, and strategic partnerships with leading component manufacturers such as Intel, HP Enterprise, Supermicro and Seagate.

MBX obtains early visibility into end of life (EOL) roadmaps for strategic planning and hands-on access to pre-released hardware for advanced testing. When it’s time to flip the switch, your BOM is locked down and your platform is ready to build and ship to customers.

Highly-Managed Lifecycle Management Process

An efficient, highly-managed lifecycle management process is the only solution to avoid EOL surprises. Working with MBX, you can expect:

  • A migration strategy planned 90 days or more in advance
  • Involvement in the hardware evaluation process to mitigate compatibility issues
  • Engineering support to assist with software updates to adapt to the new platform
  • Benchmark testing with software and operating system to measure performance
  • Customer Portal visibility to EOL dates established by component manufacturers
  • Supply chain sourcing of retired components to extend longevity when appropriate

Lifecycle management is the cornerstone of MBX’s engineering and support services. With a dedicated team to manage your appliance program, we aim to minimize your hardware disruptions and distractions so you can stay focused on product innovation and building customer relationships.

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