At MBX, we build and configure server appliances in a high-mix, highly scalable manufacturing environment. We are the largest company dedicated to the design and integration of custom hardware programs. We create and maintain hundreds of unique platforms, with no two customers’ hardware configurations the same. Cookie-cutter servers aren’t what work best for our customers’ applications, so we engineer and build what does. How do we manage this and maintain 99.4% workmanship quality? With proprietary software that assures manufacturing accuracy, cross-trained technicians proficient in multiple work centers, and award-winning Super Cells for configuring and testing up to 640 systems at once to support large-scale orders.

Exceptional scalability is the result of our stringent manufacturing processes.

Manufacturing Super Cells

The bulk of our manufacturing is handled in the US, and for customers with a significant EU presence, we provide manufacturing in the Netherlands, with both factories ISO9001: 2008 certified.

  • Proprietary manufacturing software automates custom workflow and build instructions for each platform based on the tasks that must occur in each work center and the background processes to fulfill these tasks.
  • Visual assembly instructions are documented as the prototype is built ensuring accuracy in production. These instructions show every component location, cable turn, screw torque level, specialty bracket, custom labeling, anti-tampering feature and much more.
  • Narrowly-defined work centers divide the build process into more discrete tasks corresponding to each production phase. Controls are imposed for the specific job arriving at the workstation with automated QC to assure each task is completed before a system progresses to the next work center.
  • Physical inspection work centers midway through the assembly process validates assembly of every system, not just one unit in 10 or 50, and contributes to our unbeatable quality.
  • Customized testing requirements for burn-in or special configurations per machine are completed before systems reach Quality Control technicians for a final physical and functionality inspection.
  • Proprietary Super Cell systems configure and test 640 server appliances simultaneously, supporting larger batch sizes efficiently.
  • Comprehensive training and cross-training of manufacturing technicians prevents production bottlenecks; techs are skilled at multiple work centers and flexible to be reassigned on the fly.
  • Maintaining tight channel partnerships with leading component manufacturersreinforce our supply chain effectiveness; MBX actively measures vendor performance and adherence to strict hardware quality and lifecycle directives, publishing detailed reports in the MBX Customer Portal.
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