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MBX technology services provide the tools to automate and simplify monitoring and maintaining your hardware program. The proprietary programs we develop for our customers are designed to improve efficiency with easy access to program data anytime, anywhere. Our technology services range from custom software development and integration, a REST API interface, our industry-acclaimed Customer Portal, and more.

  • The MBX REST API software interface enables customers to integrate their software with ours to simplify their operations and gain more efficiency in their hardware program. With it you can: sync order information, automate order workflows, monitor inventory, and manage billing processes.
  • A data harvesting application marks and stores information for each system, such as asset tags, MAC addresses, and serial numbers.
  • A license management application allows for license keys to be printed and embedded in your software.
  • The MBX Customer Portal is the most advanced, comprehensive, and easy-to-use portal of its kind. It’s rich with real-time data, any time you need it, at the push of a button.

The MBX Customer Portal provides visibility to…

MBX Customer Portal
  • Current and retired platform bills of material
  • History of orders, quotes, invoices and credits
  • Reports and proposals, such as branding and certifications
  • Component failure rate analytics and end-of-life status
  • Global inventory status including locations of current shippable products and finished goods
  • Inventory reorder points, with the ability to add or change inventory quantities globally
  • All manufactured systems, with complete hardware detail and last location
  • Detailed information and reports on warranty returns and incidents
  • Packing slips and shipping label customization
  • Harvested data such as asset tags, MAC addresses, serial numbers and license keys

Learn how the MBX API can simplify your operations

The MBX REST API further simplifies your hardware program and creates business continuity by integrating your software with ours, to more efficiently sync order information and minimize processing and administrative time and costs. With the REST API, you can:

  • Sync new orders and view existing orders in process
  • View invoices for billing and order information
  • Find stocking and purchasing information regarding customer-owned items
  • Receive updates on fulfillment orders with shipment and tracking information
  • View comprehensive inventory and shipment information in real-time

Read our blog for additional details.

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