Appliance branding creates an out-of-the-box experience for your customers and extends your brand identity in the market.
MBX is renowned for branding versatility. Whether it’s a unique branding design or replicating your existing branding, economical options are available at any volume level with lower minimum quantities than any other manufacturer.


  • 3D or 2D custom faceplates in a variety of materials and finishes
  • Materials including steel, aluminum, anodized aluminum or injection-molded plastic
  • Finishing options including bending, milling and extruding
  • Silkscreen printing or powder coating onto faceplate
  • Factory-applied  appliques in any size, shape or dimension
  • Fixed, removable and drop-down design options
  • LCD and LED light indicators

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  • Powder coating in a range of finishes, in Pantone and stock colors
  • Silkscreen printing in conjunction with powder coating for a higher degree of customization
  • System handles in custom or stock colors
  • Port blocking, port labeling and any other unit labeling
  • Custom-machined parts such as spring-loaded pushbuttons, attachment blocks and hinges
  • Custom wire harnesses

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  • Custom-printed cartons branded and designed precisely to fit chassis
  • Printed bumper stickers to apply to standard cartons
  • Custom foam inserts
  • Mailing labels and packing slips
  • Custom inclusions such as posters, promotional items, sales slicks, and more

Product Documentation

  • User manuals, installation guides and other printed product documentation produced and included with your system shipments

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Cabinet Racks

  • Exterior cabinet branding for full-rack deployments

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