Why Choose MBX

We know there are countless companies telling you how great they are. But talk is cheap. Performance is everything. At MBX, Actions Speak Louder.


As an OEM network appliance manufacturer, MBX is a hybrid among the large-volume assembly plants and smaller boutique manufacturers. Volume builders maintain quality usually by offering a finite number of platform configurations to churn out orders quickly and with good quality, but at the expense of program services. Smaller manufacturers can be flexible with hardware platforms, but often at the expense of efficiency and consistency. MBX’s unique combination of quality manufacturing and innovative program services is available to all customers. OEM services such as custom branding and engineering, certifications, software imaging, global stocking and support, and more, are available and scalable for every MBX customer.


The unbeatable combination of manufacturing quality, flexibility and breadth of services is why MBX is one of the fastest growing appliance companies. Our 95% annual customer retention rate is a resounding testament to our ability to consistently deliver quality end-to-end solutions.

OEM Appliances and Cloud-Ready Solutions are All We Do

MBX is singularly focused on manufacturing and supporting turnkey programs for server appliances and cloud-ready solutions. We spend 100% of our time on what your current vendor may be relegating to an OEM division. Whether it’s monthly builds of 1,000+ systems, a rack of cloud data storage servers, or a handful of network appliances a month, this is what we do…and we do it better.

We Become the Hardware Arm of Your Company

Our job is to remove the burden and frustration of dealing with hardware so you can focus on developing your applications. MBX acts as an extension of your technology team working behind the scenes to execute your hardware program, from configuring and branding your systems to managing your global logistics and support.

Your Systems Work Right Out of the Box

The #1 reason companies switch to MBX is to improve quality – MBX-built OEM servers work consistently right out of the box. Our 99.5% defect-free rating is the highest in the industry. The #1 reason we can deliver superior quality is through the innovative, proprietary technology running our operations, developed specifically for our high-volume, high-mix manufacturing environment.

Your Products Deployed without Boundaries

With experience deploying systems into approximately 150 countries and counting, MBX has the global expertise to manage unique country regulations. From certification testing and inventory management to reverse logistics and onsite support, we get your systems to wherever your customers are located.

Flexible End-to-End Program Services

Just as no two software applications are the same, the companies who develop them have different needs to successfully implement a hardware program. That’s why MBX has scalable OEM services to fit your company’s specific requirements. End-to-end program services make your hardware deployment and support as simple or as comprehensive as you need. Need global on-site support? MBX has you covered. Need special system certifications? MBX can manage that. Need professional photography of your systems? MBX can do it. MBX works with you every step of the way with flexible program support options that are rightsized for your business.

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