Success Stories

What Our Customers are Saying

  • CA Technologies

    We chose MBX with the confidence they could meet our demanding needs. As a result of their manufacturing capability to scale and the end-of-the-month shipping until midnight support, MBX can move significant volumes of systems on a global basis. As a result, I know these orders will be built and deployed on time and to our high standards.”

    - Dane, Global Supply Chain

    CA Technologies
  • bae-systems

    “MBX is a first-class OEM manufacturer and hardware partner. They contributed to the development of a new offering in 2011 from an early stage, adding their engineering expertise, branding experience, and custom manufacturing processes to meet our needs. MBX is hands-on with their appliance programs and has become an integral extension of our product team.”

    - Bill, Technical Director

    BAE Systems
  • zeacom

    “MBX allows us to focus on our software business while maintaining the ability to offer an appliance that fits the need of our customers.  Their location is ideal and allows us to get an appliance to any customer quickly and efficiently.”

    - John, V.P. of Support & Services

  • NPulse Technologies

    MBX’s combination of hardware expertise and program services is unmatched. MBX platform engineers configured an appliance for us to fit 36 hard drives and two special purpose adapters in a 4U chassis that Tier 1 manufacturers were unable to deliver. MBX also images our software, configures each appliance for the end user’s network, and applies custom branding to the chassis top and shipping cartons as well as the faceplate.  In terms of order fulfillment, we put the entire process in MBX’s hands and they deliver flawlessly.”

    - Randy, CTO

    nPulse Technologies, Inc.
  • bomgar

    “Our experience with MBX has always been an example of excellence. From their branding execution to their support staff to their online portal, we can depend on them to deliver first class products and services.”

    - Phil, Senior Product Engineer

  • Masergy

    “The tech support provided by MBX for our very specifically designed security appliance line helped us make the easy decision to terminate all purchase orders from our former manufacturing supplier. Working with a manufacturer should be an easy and painless process. MBX fits into those categories – and still offers great pricing.”

    - Trevor, Product Manager - Security Services



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  • Talari Networks

    “We rely on MBX to manufacture and drop ship all our products.  MBX is a strategic partner with Talari and has been since 2005, providing fantastic support for Talari’s five different products through multiple generations. Their quality is outstanding and their service is impeccable.  When we need to drop ship orders, it is as simple as order is entered in, order is shipped out.   No surprises.  No worries.”

    - John, Co-Founder, Vice President of Engineering

    Talari Networks Inc.
  • Rapid 7

    “I’m constantly impressed by MBX’s responsiveness and commitment.  MBX is always willing to work with us to get the job done and keep our supply chain humming.”

    - Michael, New Accounts Coordinator

  • firemon

    “The engineering expertise MBX provides has kept our platforms current with cutting-edge technology. MBX’s proactive lifecycle management increases platform performance as new components are introduced, while heading off potential EOL issues down the road. Our customers receive not only a great FireMon application but also a finely-tuned appliance that runs it.”

    - Jody, President & CTO

  • snapstream

    “Since all of our customers require 24/7 reliability, it’s mission critical that we provide the most performant, fault-tolerant and efficient server-class hardware. MBX not only helps us accomplish that feat, but also goes the extra mile to ensure the future success of our company.”

    - Adrienne, Enterprise Support Specialist

  • server-technology

    “MBX is a great partner to work with. They’re incredibly responsive, easy to work with and bring good ideas to the table on how to get things done.”

    - Calvin, Senior Director of Software & Firmware

    Server Technology