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Extends HPE OEM-I Relationship with Strategy for Eliminating Stockouts & Fulfillment Delays.

Leading server appliance manufacturer MBX Systems today announced an expansion of its managed inventory program to include MBX customers that deliver their software on turnkey systems built with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) servers. Previously available only to customers using white-box hardware, the program leverages MBX’s volume manufacturing and global inventory management capabilities to help customers avoid inventory shortfalls, shorten deployment lead times, and eliminate delays in order fulfillment.

The expanded program adds to the benefits of MBX’s HPE OEM-Integrator Partner relationship, which enables MBX to offer an extended warranty, comprehensive global support and technical support for appliances built with HPE servers. For customers who select the managed inventory option, MBX builds branded and integrated systems according to a 90-day rolling sales forecast, stocks them on a ready-to-deploy basis, and ships them to end customers within 24 hours of order receipt.  HPE hardware is reserved in advance through MBX’s supply chain to ensure availability to meet manufacturing schedules. Customers benefit from:

  • A reliable supply of HPE base platforms for timely production
  • Immediate availability of finished systems when orders are received
  • Improved cash flow – systems are not invoiced until they ship
  • MBX forecasting guidance based on run-rate history and predicted consumption
  • A choice of secure global MBX warehouses

Finished systems retain all of the features made possible by MBX’s participation in the HPE OEM-I program, including a 39-month warranty, compliance with global certification standards, global cross-border warranty transfers on HPE hardware, and technical support fulfilled by 65,000+ HPE OEM support specialists in over 170 countries.

Customers also have access to MBX’s knowledge of HPE server platforms, product lifecycles and technology roadmaps as well as MBX’s comprehensive hardware program services. That includes a dedicated account team, consultative engineering, hardware/software optimization, custom branding, global logistics, component lifecycle management, and rigorous quality controls that help ensure reliable system performance in the field.

Ready-to-Ship Advantage

“We have seen our HPE OEM-based server appliance business climb steadily since we became an HPE OEM-I partner two years ago, and most of the software providers involved want to have pre-built systems available for immediate shipment to end customers. It’s a competitive advantage as well as way to generate a consistent revenue stream,” said Carl Nothnagel, MBX VP of Operations. “With our managed inventory program, customers with strong forecasting abilities can have enough finished systems sitting in our warehouses to support expected demand at all times. It’s like an insurance policy for product delivery.”

“The growth in MBX’s HPE OEM-I business demonstrates the demand for Tier One hardware platforms in the server appliance space, the value of our brand, and the importance that ISVs place on easy penetration of new global markets through our global support policies,” said Pete Murray, WW VP OEM & EG ES Alliances, Enterprise Group, Hewlett Packard Enterprise. “MBX’s managed inventory capabilities as well as their exclusive focus on engineering, building and managing server appliance programs add a whole series of other benefits, ensuring successful program execution on HPE platforms.”

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