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We’re a creative group of technology enthusiasts with a common interest: finding innovative ways to streamline hardware delivery and make it easier for our customers to do their job.

A hardware company that innovates like a software company

For about a quarter of a century, MBX has singularly focused on hardware delivery. Our roots took hold in the ‘90s when our founder and CEO Tom Crowley found a niche with a mail-order business selling hard drives, motherboards, and other commodity hardware. Back then, people ordered components advertised in trade magazines by telephone, and the way our company differentiated itself was by providing a high-touch customer experience.

Over the years we progressively expanded from components to complex hardware solutions, and our customers have shifted from tech enthusiasts to global tech powerhouses. Throughout our growth, we’ve stayed true to our singular focus, kept that high-touch approach, and notched up our capabilities with seasoned hardware and software experts and a range of services designed to streamline hardware delivery.

MBX Systems in the NewsWhy would a company known for hardware employ a team of software experts? Two reasons. First, having our own software development team lets us build the technology infrastructure that is the backbone of our award-winning manufacturing operations. Second, it means we’re on the same journey as our customers and know the obstacles they face with software deployment. Thinking like a software company keeps us fixated on innovative ways to help our customers overcome their deployment challenges.

We took the position early on that no matter what products or services a company chooses to market, their ability to become truly successful hinges on not trying to do too many things. Companies that stay focused and nimble can quickly react to market conditions, gain insights to understand what’s missing in the industry, and think outside the box to provide well-rounded solutions better than anyone else.

This strategy proved to be effective early in our history when we were a relatively unknown name in the hardware world. Yet MBX became a vanguard in the industry by providing a software tool that captured, collected, and organized data in a way that helped companies consolidate their hardware information. This differentiator helped us attract new customers and grow in a market dominated by multi-billion dollar hardware giants competing for the same business.

We knew this advantage wouldn’t last. The rest of the industry eventually caught up with their own type of portal technology. However, short of providing customers with quick program data points, no one, not even MBX, presented the information in a big picture way that was valuable for business intelligence.

Again thinking like a software company, we began developing the next generation of technology for hardware program orchestration. The challenge before our development team was to enable interactive data management and create a level of transparency that, together, could become the basis for making solid business decisions. In 2018 we introduced Hatch, and it’s become the latest disruptive force in the hardware industry.

The story doesn’t end here. But it gives you a flavor of how we think and what it’s like to work with MBX. When it comes to streamlining hardware delivery, we approach innovation head first and create effective customer solutions with a combination of services, software, and expertise. While others may find success in putting more resources into broader business interests, we’ll stick with the business we know we can knock out of the park.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Meet the leadership team that orchestrates the high-touch services and customer-first focus at MBX. These leaders spend countless hours finding out what customers value most, then roll up their sleeves and work with the entire MBX team to determine the best way to streamline and deliver unique hardware programs. Our leaders also fiercely protect the culture of MBX so that, as we build relationships with our customers, they know us for more than our expertise — that we’re a group of rock-solid people who are fun to do business with.

Tom Crowley
Chris Tucker
Justin Formella
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Dean Thuente
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Careers in Motion

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MBX employees are at the core of our success, and we’re looking to grow our talented team with curious people who thrive in a rapidly-growing organization and are energized by complex challenges.

If you’re looking to take your career to the next level in a dynamic environment that rewards innovation and adaptability and fosters employee development, MBX is offering opportunities at every level. Not only will you be rewarded for your hard work and contribution to our bottom line, but you’ll also be supported to achieve your full potential and fulfill your career aspirations.

At MBX, technology runs through our veins. We are an award-winning provider of custom computing hardware solutions backed by an extensive ecosystem of software and services to help technology companies deliver complex products on turnkey hardware.

Come join a group of passionate, driven team players at a company with a rewarding culture. MBX is recognized as a company that cares about its employees’ goals, both inside and outside of work. Year after year, this earns us top-notch workplace awards and employee reviews.

Competitive salary
Paid volunteer day annually
Comprehensive health, dental, and vision coverage options
Paid holidays for full-time employees
401(k) matching program
Weekly in-office yoga class
Weekly fresh fruit delivery
Annual PTO commensurate with years of employment
Sports leagues and employee events
Biannual bonus sharing
Summer community garden
Ongoing training and development activities

MBX Cares for Our Community

As a group, MBX is passionate about giving back to the community and helping organizations on a mission to enrich the lives of others. We see firsthand that when employees are given the opportunity to engage with charitable organizations it enriches their own lives, too. It was from these ideals that the MBX Cares philanthropy program launched in 2014.

One of our employee perks is giving each full-time employee a paid day off annually to volunteer at an organization of their choice. We also organize volunteer opportunities for groups of volunteers, which is a great way for coworkers to connect when they don’t cross paths every day.

MBX Cares group volunteer days frequently provide helpers to organizations that rely on the community to support their mission. Some of these non-profits include Habitat for Humanity, Lambs Farm, Partners For Progress, Lake County Forest Preserve, Bernie’s Book Bank, Feed My Starving Children, PADS Lake County, and many more. MBX also sponsors participation in fundraising outings such as Race to Wrigley, Rugged Maniac, MS Walk, and more. To learn more about MBX Cares, check out our Facebook page to find fun photos of our volunteers in action.

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