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Simulation: Aechelon Turns to MBX for Full-Rack Image Generator Hardware Systems

Solutions Delivered in Turnkey Rack Assemblies for Military Aviation Training

Company: Aechelon Technology · Vertical Market: Military simulation/training


Aechelon sought a new partner capable of building, imaging and integrating multi-rack systems, configuring 42U racks to order for each customer deployment, and ensuring access to the newest NVIDIA® GPUs to provide the quality assurance demanded by military end users.


Expert as-needed engineering support

Configure-to-order for each customer

Problem-free detail management  

NVIDIA strategic relationship

Point-and-click supply chain visibility

Responsiveness to special requests

Advanced imaging, testing & configuration systems

Company-specific portal customization

Meets strict manufacturing for government criteria such as ISO 9001:2015, Counterfeit Prevention Policies, and Product / Process Change Controls


Image and data generator platforms developed by Aechelon Technology generates high fidelity, geographically specific, multi-channel 3D images offering both out-of-the-window views and sensor views that prepare pilots and air crews to conduct missions at night, in low light, and in conditions such as fog and dust. Scenes are rendered across the electromagnetic spectrum, enabling display of information beyond the visible light range available to the human eye.

After evaluating more than 10 providers, Aechelon transitioned to MBX Systems. Among MBX’s first challenges was an aggressive 60-day deadline to prepare and ship 10 full-rack systems with multiple purpose-built nodes per rack assembly for two end customers. It included customer-specific imaging for more than 120 nodes, branding, cabling, labeling, switch and power installation, and functional testing to assure problem-free boot up in the field.

MBX quickly fulfilled requests for hardware and process customizations, including:

  • A custom GPU shroud designed to ensure sufficient cooling in the confined space of the 1U servers, developed in conjunction with Aechelon to fit multiple NVIDIA GPUs for cost control and future-proofing



  • Custom labeling and branding spanning custom-color drive bay latches, rear-port labeling and badges on each node, and more
  • A custom USB LCD panel for each standard node that identifies the node’s function within the rack
  • MBX Hatch™ customization to provide dynamic status reporting about build progress by work center as well as the ability to upload the unique image required for each customer deployment directly to Hatch instead of to an FTP server


    MBX’s proprietary Forge production infrastructure was built specifically to meet high variability needs, combining advanced software and automation technology to enable fast, accurate customization of system configuration, imaging and testing.

    Read more about how MBX’s core manufacturing abilities, strategic relationship with NVIDIA, and reputation for high-touch customer service combined to drive Aechelon’s decision to abandon plans to dual-source its hardware needs and instead choose MBX as its sole hardware provider.