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Security: MBX Builds Rapid7’s Hardware Program into Global Powerhouse

Long-Term Partnership Evolves Appliance Strategy to Support Sales in 120+ Countries

Company: Rapid7· Vertical Market: Security


Product line diversification, business growth and global expansion required ongoing adjustments in both platform selection and hardware management. MBX gradually moved Rapid7 to HPE OEM for the platforms’ built-in compliance with global certification standards, global warranty that travels with the finished system, and 180-country technical support.


Guidance for evolving hardware strategy

Platform changes to support growth

Optimization of each platform configuration

Platform standardization for all SKUs

Transition to HPE OEM program for cost-effective global coverage

One-stop imaging, inventory, logistics & RMAs

Export management for international shipments

Individual end user configuration


Rapid7’s vulnerability management solutions provide a live 24/7 view of risk, prioritize vulnerabilities with a 1-1000 risk score that helps administrators determine which potential attack vectors to mitigate first, and provide both ‘liveboards’ and remediation tracking tools for monitoring and managing the mitigation process.

Like many enterprise software companies that offer their applications on a turnkey appliance, Rapid7 has seen its hardware needs change dramatically over the years. Product line diversification, business growth and global expansion have required ongoing adjustments in both platform selection and hardware management, leaving the company’s initial white-box solutions and in-house system integration far behind.

Rapid7 first engaged MBX in 2007 to design custom faceplates for servers they were purchasing from a small manufacturer and imaging in-house. By 2011, the company had shifted its entry-level appliances to a 1U Supermicro platform that was configured by a contract manufacturer, and added mid-tier and enterprise SKUs delivered on higher-end, off-the-shelf, 2U HPE hardware.

MBX has helped the company plan and execute new hardware strategy, driving a series of transitions that have gradually moved the program from custom rackmount servers imaged at Rapid7 offices to base HPE OEM platforms that are inventoried, pre-loaded with Rapid7’s InsightVM or Nexpose vulnerability management software, and shipped to end customers in more than 120 countries by MBX.   

The platform consolidation was completed in 2015 in conjunction with the release of HPE Gen9. Rapid7 simultaneously decided to outsource imaging and all other appliance-related operations to MBX in order to take advantage of MBX’s full-time focus on server appliance services.

MBX is helping Rapid7 examine its options for the upcoming transition to HPE Gen10. It’s just one more way that a close partnership with MBX is helping Rapid7 evolve its hardware program to both fuel and support ongoing growth.