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Hyperconverged Infrastructure: Scale Computing Delivers ‘Data Center in a Box’ on MBX-Built Appliances

Leading Hyperconvergence Vendor Standardizes on MBX to Achieve Extensive Customization, Hardware Consistency & Smooth Deployments

Company: Scale Computing · Vertical Market: Hyperconverged Infrastructure


When Scale Computing was developing its HC3 platform, the goal was to integrate servers, storage and virtualization in a solution that could be delivered in an appliance form factor for easy use by midmarket companies. To that end, the company needed a hardware partner capable of building quality systems pre-loaded with Scale software, pre-testing them to ensure problem-free setup, and providing ancillary services for handling all hardware needs.


Hardware quality and reliability

Engineering assistance for new platforms

Component consistency from node to node

Tier One chassis and component partners

Software imaging and testing services

Custom branding and packaging services

Extensive report customization

Logistics and inventory management

International logistics & support


Scale’s HC3 platform merges servers, storage and virtualization in 1U appliances that are loaded with the customer’s business applications and deployed in clusters that are as easy to manage as a single server. This “hyperconvergence” strategy dramatically reduces IT cost and complexity for small and mid-sized organizations.

The partnership with MBX began in 2012 after Scale’s original hardware builder failed to deliver the required level of service. Issues ranged from lengthy customization cycles to hard drive failures caused by poorly secured backplanes, missing accessories in shipping boxes, firmware incompatibilities that caused deployment complications, and loose cables that resulted in excessive failures.

Based on Scale’s priorities for a hardware partner experienced with storage technology, they determined that MBX was most aligned with what they sought: a customer-first company culture, a highly responsive account team, extensive customization options, and a variety of intangibles, like the MBX customer portal collecting quality data to alleviate administrative work.

Initially MBX manufactured 10 SKUs for Scale, handling functions from the integration of chassis to software imaging and related testing to ensure that Scale’s operating system will properly initialize in the field. By mid-2014, that number climbed to 19 – including multiple models in Scale’s HC2000 and HC4000 product lines for which the MBX engineers provided critical hardware design input.

MBX worked closely with Scale to optimize the performance of each SKU, including maintaining the delicate balance between IOPS, RAM and CPU. Installation accessories such as screwdrivers, extra rack nuts and quick start guides are included with each Scale shipment to expedite HC3 deployments at customer sites.

MBX has been instrumental in helping Scale deliver a turnkey hardware/software package that not only is easy to install and works on day one but also runs smoothly for the life of the system.