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Backup & Recovery: Unitrends Appliances Set Performance Records with MBX

Tiered Flash Storage and MBX-Engineered Enhancements Drive 12-SKU Recovery-Series

Company: Unitrends · Vertical Market: Data backup and disaster recovery


In developing its third-generation appliance platform, which can be used to back up both virtual and physical servers, Unitrends’ #1 goal was to apply newer technologies to enable customers to shorten backup windows, speed data recovery, and protect more data on a daily basis. Tops on the company’s technology wish list was the use of flash storage to accelerate read-intensive metadata-related tasks like deduplication and search and recovery requests.


Next-generation appliance engineering

Major hardware performance gains

Innovative use of flash storage

Component consolidation over 12 SKUs

Custom faceplate design

Custom end user configuration

Budget-conscious platform development

Near-100% defect-free assembly

International logistics & support


The Unitrends plug-and-play Recovery-Series backup appliances simplify data protection for environments ranging from remote offices to SMBs, as well as enterprise data centers. In early 2015, the company unveiled dramatic performance and scalability improvements in its third-generation hardware. The MBX engineering team orchestrating a complete platform modernization that helped Unitrends achieve new performance benchmarks, maintain affordability, and reaping other benefits ranging from component consolidation to improved hardware reliability.

The new platforms delivered advances including 300% faster backups, 125% faster restores, 1 TB to 97 TB of raw storage capacity, and category-first use of tiered flash storage to crank up performance.

Besides addressing the need for speed, MBX provided a full range of value-added services that ensured a smooth rollout of Unitrends’ new hardware platform. On the engineering and manufacturing fronts, those services included:

Component consolidation to only four motherboards and seven chassis to build all 12 SKUs, which range from an entry-level 1TB desktop storage box to a 4U, 36-drive system; it also eliminates separate RAID controllers by utilizing controllers built into the motherboards. Reduced configuration complexity with SKUs that support eSATA connectivity coming standard with four ports rather than offering one-, two- and four-port options. Custom configuration for end customers with special requirements during final assembly, adding required components such as archiving controllers, advanced network controllers and fiber channel host bus adapters, enabling Unitrends to support disparate customer connectivity and integration scenarios without having to build and manage extra SKUs.

Other go-the-extra-mile MBX services ranged from branding to logistics and support. In addition to new faceplates designed by MBX’s graphics team to upgrade Unitrends’ brand image, MBX ships units directly to Unitrends customers anywhere in the world, manages Unitrends’ global evaluation program, and provides RMA services with next-day cross-shipping for customers enrolled in the appropriate Unitrends support program, and more.