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Beyond great hardware, every MBX customer benefits from our software tools to achieve a quality hardware program

Hardware & Beyond

MBX Hatch: Hardware Supply Chain Orchestration

The industry’s most advanced toolset for managing complex hardware programs

Hatch software revolutionizes hardware execution by transforming how hardware teams work. Purpose-built for the complexities of hardware management, Hatch blends disparate operational roles into a collaborative team, providing the tools and transparency to plan, manage, deploy, and support hardware solutions for improved execution – all within a single platform.

what can hatch do for you?

Empower your team to work better together using MBX Hatch

Your team can plan, collaborate and act on data within Hatch to help build a more efficient hardware program.

Hatch for Engineering

I want to...

  • Gain control over the evolution of my products
  • Time my software refresh cycle with hardware updates
  • Make it easier to see component options for my products
  • Hatch for Supply Chain

    I want to...

  • Know where every component is manufactured
  • Find out exactly where our orders are in progress
  • View inventory on hand and where it's located
  • Hatch for Logistics

    I want to...

  • See where in the world our products have shipped
  • Know where global transit constraints may impact our deliveries
  • Grow into new international markets
  • use our hardware orchestration platform for

    program transparency

    Gain unprecedented levels of efficiency, transparency and interoperability for your hardware team


    additional core features

    mbx forge: test & verification

    MBX Forge


    Transparency and uniformity are fundamental to orchestrating your hardware operations. The interoperability between Hatch and our Forge automated manufacturing environment gives you real-time visibility to your products being built, configured, tested and verified. Only MBX gives this level of granularity.
    server room


    Forge captures your unique needs for a customized hardware program with incredible quality and efficiency


    Imagine having a view into your entire product build process – MBX gives you the ability to monitor your orders in progress by work center

    computer board construction
    blue coding on computer


    MBX’s infrastructure and information systems undergo multiple stringent and detailed third-party quality and security audits

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