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Paying incredible attention to details is the MBX way

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Consultative Engineering

Research and selecting components is a deliberate process based on your needs

Engineers take the time to understand the requirements of the software and use cases

Recommendations are made and validated to assure they're best suited for integrating your technology on hardware

Considerations include regulatory compliance, global certifications and component-level cost targets, including custom parts such as cables and chassis

Environmental specifications and testing is factored into product requirements for consistent field performance

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Value analysis

Embracing engineering innovation and agility to maintain your product lifecycles and improve cost efficiencies

Engineers systematically examine current platform designs for functional improvements

Cost reduction analysis by reviewing bills of material and overall product process to holistically drive down supply chain costs

Flexible workflow processes are designed to reduce waste, cycle time and labor

Fully automated imaging, test and verification system error-proofs against quality issues

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New product architecture

Evaluating components for system operation and reliability, keeping compliance and certifications needs in mind

Being hardware agnostics means we can integrate the right components for performance

Tier 1 platforms from Dell, Lenovo and HPE can be customized to fit the application’s needs

Early access to hardware roadmaps from manufacturers projects a platform’s shelf life

Specialized components such as third-party network acceleration and video add-in cards can be integrated

Looking to bring your product to market quickly?

Check out our Varion® reference platforms engineered for your industry

Plus, a toolset with a traceable history of every product change

  • Own a digital paper trail of every engineering change over the life of your product
  • Trace the history of every product update in a central, permanent repository
  • Create, view, sign off, and get notified about engineering changes as they occur
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