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Hatch connect

B2B eCommerce platform that will delight your customers with a personalized order-to-delivery experience

Deliver a transparent customer experience while reducing your operations overhead with your branded Hatch Connect portal.

Connect data and insights in meaningful ways for your organization while providing order visibility and automated communications for your customers, all within a single cloud-based toolset – Hatch Connect.

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What can Hatch Connect do for you?

Bring a level of visibility to the B2B hardware supply chain that was previously only experienced in B2C eCommerce

For you:

A frictionless customer journey and better end user outcomes

  • Builds customer loyalty with visibility and reliability of data
  • Drives down customer service costs and frees up operational resources
  • Deploys under your own domain with guided instructions for easy set up
  • Pushes branded emails for order confirmation, ship date and transit updates
  • Eliminates manual report generation while improving data integrity
  • Enables seamless fulfillment when consolidating all products’ logistics with MBX

For your customers and partners:

A rich repository with 360-degree visibility into the order-to-delivery process

  • Manage transactions without your staff intervening
  • Intuitively organizes data to provide a user-friendly eCommerce style experience
  • Automatically generates emails with order and shipment updates for subscribers
  • Centralizes resources such as manuals and warranty information for downloading
  • Provides asset management features for current inventory and previous orders
  • Enables self-service order management and returns all in one place

Use Hatch Connect for

Next-level hardware transparency

Setup Wizard

Customize your portal with your logo and colors

Customer Data

Easy to navigate fields to add your customer data

New Customer Welcome

Generates branded email for each new customer

Customer Overview

Get a bird’s eye total view of each customer’s account

Order Details

Automatically imports orders managed in Hatch

Customer Assets

Users easily see what’s on hand and what’s shipping

Download Center

Provide a handy repository for users to access documents

Serial Search

Track and manage serial numbers for unfinished goods and raw materials

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