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MBX Hatch helps manage the entire technology delivery platform from design, delivery and post commerce asset management.

Product Management

The Product Management module provides a full suite of interactive product management tools spanning from initial product introduction to ongoing change control and lifecycle management. We’ve created an advanced configurable bill of materials engine that allows for hundreds of individual configurations to be managed within a single BOM structure. This allows for complex support of highly variable product configurations while still maintaining a high degree of rigorous control over change, inventory and long term support.

Bill of Materials Management

At the heart of the product management module sits our configurable bill of materials (BOM) engine. Hundreds of variations can be managed in a single product structure. Changes and versions are tracked with component redline detail. Advanced inventory and production availability scheduled is incorporated directly into the platform.

All product master records and product bill of materials are organized in one centralized repository
Each product offers line by line BOM detail outlining a full product tree of available option paths
Our configurable bill of materials engine allows hundreds of product variations to be managed in a single BOM
Changes and versions are tracked with line level diffs and version control
Advanced inventory and production availability scheduling is incorporated directly into the platform
Complex products can be easily consumed and selected with the product configurator

Engineering Change Control

Engineering change requests are submitted directly through the platform. Granular change control is part of every product update and our advanced workflow engine manages the approval process from beginning to end. Signoff and approval workflows can be customized by engagement with participation from your team, our team and external suppliers managed directly through the platform.

New requests are quickly created and submitted into customized workflows
All change requests and change orders are tracked and grouped by affected product
Customizable approval workflows allow for widespread collaboration on releases
Communication is built directly into the platform capturing and storing all correspondence
All corresponding files are uploaded and managed as part of the change order

Lifecycle Management

Our lifecycle management program keeps you up to date on the product road map as well as individual components. The platform allows you to quickly spot upcoming variations that may be impacted by component availability.

Product roadmaps are tracked and clearly illustrated with replacement products and transition plans
Lifecycle details are available on a component by component level by blending but manufacture supplied data and our own predictive analysis

Global Compliance

Understanding the complexities of global compliance and export is easy with our advanced compliance tracking and knowledge management system. Every product is tracked with all current compliance certifications. Looking to enter a new market? Our compliance knowledge makes it easy to understand the requirements and timelines to enter every corner of the global marketplace.

The knowledge base cross references every export market against your product catalog
Browse by every available certification with details on timelines and corresponding products
Full detailed market information shows compliance requirements at a glance

Order Management

The order management module provides real time visibility every step of the way, providing granular production and sourcing details for your team. Scheduling, anticipated ship and arrival dates are at your fingertips. Management and organization of orders are a breeze with end user associations, custom fields, live discussions and attachments on every order.

The order index provides you with a filterable view of all the order activity in a single place
Order details provides up to the minute insights on order status
Easily drill into production details with insights down to every individual work center
View upstream procurement details with live integrations into major Tier 1 manufacturers
Component level traceability is available for every order as soon as components are picked
Update order details on the fly to keep your order flow organized

Inventory and Asset Management

Finished goods, consigned material and in field assets are all easily managed within the inventory and asset management module. Real time inventory counts, custom reorder points and live tracking of inbound goods are available within the inventory system. The asset management system gives in depth details on hardware and component information as well as live image test and verification information delivered through our shop floor control system called Forge. Complex assemblies are outlined with as built information outlining individual system details within larger full rack deployments.

Easy management of both consigned and non-consigned inventory in a single place
Detailed information available for every sku and inventory location
Inbound consigned items are tracked live with inbound times incorporated into the order scheduling system
Asset and serial information is searchable by both finished goods and raw materials
Full asset breakdown including all information pulled during the production process
System snapshot information is pulled during the test process and made instantly available down to a sub component level
Image, test and verification routines report back script details and stored to the asset record
Complex rack assemblies are outlined with subcomponent locations and details

Supply Management

The supply management module drives a layer beneath your supply chain to provide insights into regional sourcing details on a component level. Country of origin information gives you insight into exposure in the event of global disruptions and helps you better understand your supply chain sourcing chain.

The supply analyzer looks across your entire product catalog and breaks out component sourcing
Detailed information by country broken out on a component by component level

Support and Warranty

The support and warranty module provides insight into returns and failure information. Additionally product warranty details are available along with warranty expiration tracking for both MBX provided warranties as well as warranty details pulled directly from Tier 1 suppliers.

The return dashboard gives you aggregated insights into failure data and product reliability
Detailed RMA reporting outlines product returns as well as failure analysis
Requesting a return can be done directly through the support and warranty module
Full reporting on warranties provided by MBX and upcoming expiration dates drive opportunities for in-field warranty renewals.
Tier 1 warranty details are pulled directly from the supplier and provided in detail

Hatch Logistics

The logistics module provides full traceability of products in route with live tracking details and automatic shipment exception management. Our logistics capabilities extend beyond simply shipments leaving our facilities, the logistics module can manage shipments both incoming and outgoing to both our facilities as well as third party sites. Our logistics case system combines realtime exception notification with our staff of logistics experts to respond immediately to delays. With integrations into all major parcel, LTL and FTL carriers our system provides up to the minute insights. Our export management system simplifies international trade with full details on the importation requirements of every market. Our logistics team works hand in hand with the software to ensure every shipment can clear customs without incident.

The analytics dashboard provides a full overview of your shipping performance as well as providing you a point of reference against the performance against our entire customer base
Live shipment tracking gives up to the minute details on both incoming and outgoing shipments
Detailed shipment traceability lets you know not only what has happened but predicted delivery dates
Logistics cases are automatically triggered when a shipment is behind schedule and assigned to one of our team members
Exception management allows for collaboration with our logistics team as we resolve issues real time
Shipping into new markets is a breeze with the export knowledge base
Export requirements as well as critical details such as international power infrastructure specifications are available for every market
Got a tough export challenge, pre-shipment concierge connects you to a logistics team member even in advance of an order

Hatch Connect

Hatch Connect takes the power and transparency of Hatch and allows you to rebrand it and make it available directly to your customers, partners and even your sales groups. Orders and assets can be associated to each of those different entities allowing individual branded portals for each. The portals can be configured and branded and hosted as your own sub domain. Email notifications can be configured and sent from return addresses as if they came from your team. Asset management and a download center provide your customers and partners with easy access to post purchase information.

Easily manage your customers and partners within Hatch Connect
All of the activity is centralized for each customer or partner providing you with a simple view for every relationship
Between simple out of the box configuration and advanced custom templates, Connect makes creating customer and partner portals a snap
Manage direct order notifications to your customers and partners with updates on things such as expected ship dates and delivery notifications
Our data, your brand. Your customers and partners see realtime updates abstracted in an environment you control
Live order and shipment status extend an Amazon like level of transparency to your users
Product manuals, firmware updates and more are easily hosted as part of your portals
Enhance the post commerce experience with detailed asset tracking for all of your customers or partners purchases
Your customers and partners can see granular asset information available for their equipment including detailed hardware snapshots and rack elevations


Hatch supports a variety of native integrations. With a full featured REST and GraphQL API available Hatch can be extended to a variety of platforms including NetSuite, Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, Dynamics and more. Additionally, out of the box support for Microsoft Office 365 and Slack make your daily routine a breeze. Individual pages within Hatch can even be embedded directly into applications like Salesforce using Apex.

Hatch makes integrations into traditional enterprise software accessible for your team
Our fully documented REST and GraphQL API makes integrations a breeze
Slack integration allows real time notifications to be directed to the appropriate members of your team
Pages within Hatch are built with the authentication backend necessary to facilitate embedding in a variety of third party applications
Pull data live from Hatch into Excel using our Microsoft app store plugin which adds Hatch controls directly into Excel
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