Hewlett Packard Enterprise OEM-Integrator Partnership

Your software integrated with HPE hardware plus end-to-end services for a turnkey hardware program

Leading Tier 1 Server Brand

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) ProLiant is a preferred Tier 1 server brand by software developers. Through the exclusive HPE OEM-I partnership program, MBX works with the HPE server portfolio to develop purpose-built hardware appliances. Backed by the HPE global support network with more than 65,000 support personnel in 140+ countries, MBX OEM customers achieve a truly seamless hardware appliance program.


Working with an OEM-I is like Working Directly with HPE

  • Full visibility into product lifecycles and technology roadmaps
  • Technical certifications available exclusively to HPE employees and partners
  • Access to HPE engineers and pre-released hardware for collaborative platform designs
  • Enhanced warranty offerings for HPE servers and components
  • Exclusive extended life platforms

MBX Benefits

Experienced platform engineers integrate HPE ProLiant and other server families with customers’ software to optimize performance, often incorporating specialized components such as network acceleration and video add-in cards.

Design specialists bring customers’ vision to life, with customized bezels, chassis, rear-port labels, packaging, and inclusions, for a powerful end-user out-of-the-box experience. Or use our exclusive fast-track custom bezel program for a small batch order that’s fast and affordable.

Our advanced imaging infrastructure supports large-scale automated software integration and customized testing. Secure network hosting enables customers to remotely update and test new software images and hardware performance.

Agile inventory programs tailored to fit each customer’s sales model, including access to extensive global forward stocking locations, assure products are in close proximity to end-users. All inventory and program data is available 24/7 in MBX Hatch, our interactive program management toolset.

Account teams proactively plan for EOL at least 90 days in advance for program continuity, consulting with MBX’s supply chain for last-buy inventory to extend platform longevity.

OEM-I’s are the only channel partners able to provide global cross border warranty transfers. Warranty and support packages in various service levels are available in more than 140 countries through HPE’s global support infrastructure, including onsite premium support.