Delivering powerful, efficient, and cost-effective solutions to maximize the return on your infrastructure investment  

With compute-intensive operations, your priority is a dense hardware design that optimizes performance and efficiency.

Sometimes a mainstream OCP option will suffice and other times only a custom-architected hardware solution will do. Either way, MBX has the HPC expertise and resources to design what you need. For more than two decades, we’ve engineered complex hardware architectures that balance speed and efficiency with cost-effective hardware and low energy consumption to support intensive workloads.

key benefits

The tools MBX Systems can bring to tackle your HPC needs.


Solutions architected for scale and speed


Hardware management to blend commodity hardware with custom solutions


MBX solutions aren’t simply finished products, they’re turnkey deployments

Hardware & Beyond

Customers value our high-touch customer experience as much as our high-quality manufacturing. Our sweet spot is streamlining the hardware experience  from new product introduction through last-mile delivery.

Design +
set up

  • Consultative engineering
  • Value analysis
  • New product architecture
  • Design for manufacturing

Manufacturing + Supply chain

  • Configurable bill of materials
  • Component traceability + data harvesting
  • Automated image, test and verification
  • Work in progress visibility

Distribution + Logistics

  • Customized inventory programs
  • Turnkey global exportation
  • Warranty program execution
  • Reverse logistics

Lifecycle Management

  • Live hardware support
  • Sustaining system engineering
  • Component EOL tracking
  • Engineering change management

PLUS THE Tools to unleash the potential of your hardware operations

Empower your team to work better together using mbx hatch.

Hatch software revolutionizes hardware execution by transforming how hardware teams work. Purpose-built for the complexities of hardware management, Hatch blends disparate operational roles into a collaborative team, providing the tools and transparency to plan, manage, deploy, and support hardware solutions for improved execution – all within a single platform. 

maximize visibility + control with your hardware manufacturing through mbx forge.

Transparency and uniformity are fundamental to orchestrating your hardware operations. The interoperability between Hatch and our Forge automated manufacturing environment gives you real-time visibility to your products being built, configured, tested and verified. Only MBX gives this level of granularity.


The proof that shows we stand up to our claims


Quality manufacturing


on-time delivery


customer retention

Scale offers customers a number of configuration options within each hardware platform, for example, networking, storage capacity, CPUs, and memory. With the BOM layout in MBX Hatch, we can quickly identify all available hardware options and specs within a given platform in one comprehensive view.

Scale Computing

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