Hardware & Software Transparently Executed

Hardware program management can be complex.

To gain transparency, traceability, and control over your hardware program, see what MBX and Hatch can do for you.

With MBX executing your hardware/software integration plus Hatch software to manage program data, you have complete hardware supply chain visibility. Hatch consolidates your hardware information streams letting you interact with your data, drive intelligent decisions, and keep your stakeholders informed in real-time.

Key Benefits

Hatch provides transparency at scale, from hardware engineering and order management to inventory and global compliance.


Never lose sight of orders and shipments in progress

Get up-to-the-minute status as your orders progress through production work centers and see shipment details displayed in various states: pre-transit, in-transit, out for delivery, and more. A historic global tracker aids research and reporting.

MBX Hatch Global Shipments


Investigate which countries your products are certified for use

Selling products globally means being aware of every country’s unique import requirements and knowing whether your products carry the proper certifications. Extensive details like these, plus power standards and more are maintained for 195 countries in Hatch, so you can confidently expand into new markets.

Global Country Export

MBX Hatch BOM Configuration


Save hundreds of hours on order management

Why should every product permutation – every hard drive, memory, or other system variation – require a unique bill of materials? Hatch consolidates all your product variables in a single configurable bill of materials, making it easier to customize each end-user deployment and slash order processing time.


See when every product warranty is due to expire

Whether it’s for service calls, product replacements, or driving warranty extensions or renewals, Hatch shows comprehensive warranty status for every system in the field. Slice and dice the data by expiration date, item name, serial number, manufacture date, and more, to create a variety of insightful reports.

MBX Hatch Warranties

Hatch is the holy grail of order-to-fulfillment tools. It helps us get data we need about our products and all the information required to keep our fulfillment process running smoothly. When our customers, partners or sales teams ask about delivery times and shipment tracking numbers, the information is at our fingertips.