High-Frequency Trading

Designing high-speed ultra-low-latency hardware solutions to boost performance and provide a competitive advantage

When your customers measure transactions in microseconds and your success depends on the relative speed of execution, hardware latency is the enemy.

Every extra ounce of performance for your application is dependent on optimizing the hardware at its foundation. Leverage MBX’s expertise at architecting high performance, low latency hardware solutions. For more than two decades, we’ve engineered complex hardware using bleeding-edge technology to balance speed and efficiency with lower power, cooling, and space needs.

Key Benefits

The tools MBX Systems can bring to tackle your complex HFT technology needs.


Extreme low latency, high reliability, and fast performance

Packing more processing speed using reliable and secure commodity hardware for your solution is MBX’s specialty. Our high-performance arsenal includes acceleration technologies such as FPGAs, GPUs, CPUs, flash, and solid state drives. Extensive partner relationships with top-tier hardware manufacturers such as Intel, NVIDIA, PNY Technologies, and others regularly allows access to pre-release components to test with your solution.

Scale offers customers a number of configuration options within each hardware platform, for example, networking, storage capacity, CPUs, and memory. With the BOM layout in MBX Hatch, we can quickly identify all available hardware options and specs within a given platform in one comprehensive view.