Delivering the performance and power needed to support complex medical devices on long-lifecycle hardware

If you had to choose your hardware based on long-lifecycle products or achieving significant performance gains, which one would you choose?

If the answer is both, then you need to talk to MBX. For almost a quarter-century, we’ve helped developers of complex applications deploy their products on highly-engineered, purpose-built hardware that stand the test of time.

Key Benefits

The tools MBX Systems can bring to tackle your complex needs.


Reducing the complexity of product lifecycle management

We keep close tabs on the lifecycle of components designed into your products, so you can stay focused on innovation. We engineer long-lifecycle hardware optimized for your application to avoid the high cost of revalidating medical systems and align future component changes to synchronize with your product updates. For legacy systems in the field, the dedicated MBX Support Services team can tackle expired warranty support cases quickly to get products back in working order. You’ll find every engineering change, product lifecycle update, and warranty status close at hand in Hatch, providing real-time data you can interact with for intelligent product decisions.


Strict quality management standards

However complex or challenging your systems may be, MBX can ensure strict adherence to the regulations and requirements mandated for quality management. Our dedication to quality is embedded in every facet of our manufacturing facilities, and the proof is our 99.5% defect-free metric. Our highly-automated production environment was designed from the ground up to handle the high-mix, low-volume demands of medical products. To ensure products are built, configured, and tested to the highest standards, strict revision control protocols are designed into the Forge environment, and quality-gated work centers reinforce a precise build occurs in each production stage.

MBX Systems ISO 9001:2015 2018-2021

MBX’s attention to detail is exemplary, from engineering and manufacturing to reporting and logistics. Reliability is the #1 criterion for our customers, and MBX is instrumental in helping us deliver a turnkey hardware/software package that works on day one and runs smoothly for the life of the system.