Physical Security/Surveillance

Leveraging next-gen technology to handle the explosion of decoding and encoding video data

Still throwing excessive CPU power on your surveillance platform?

Picture this: a fine-tuned hardware configuration that seriously boosts your product’s performance without breaking the bank. GPU hardware acceleration is a breakthrough for optimizing video surveillance throughput and processing.

Key Benefits

The tools MBX Systems can bring to tackle your physical security and surveillance technology’s needs.


Final assembly for customer-specific configuration and testing

Rarely does a one-size-fits-all hardware/software configuration work in every surveillance setting. As specialists in high-variability manufacturing, we can customize at all levels – hardware, software, and testing, to suit complex, end-user specific network and storage requirements:

  • Every possible hardware permutation for your solution contained on a single configurable bill of materials
  • End-user specific final assembly and software imaging to match requirements
  • Custom test fixtures designed to replicate the customer environment for problem-free bootup in the field

MBX has the tools, market knowledge and systems in place to help us lengthen the product lifecycle