Simulation & Training

High-performance hardware and software integration for complex deployments

Is your hardware customized for the complex variabilities of simulation and training applications?

Image generators, flight and ground simulators, and related large-scale deployments continue to become more sophisticated and their visual databases increasingly demanding. Hardware engineering and software integration must be planned for both power and efficiency and to take advantage of the latest in GPU configurations.

Aechelon Rack


The tools MBX Systems can bring to tackle the needs of your simulation and training applications.


Tools to increase your operational efficiency and collaboration

MBX Hatch software centralizes the processes of managing your complex hardware program

  • Configurable bill of materials lets you customize product configurations to order for each customer or project
  • Supply chain traceability of components and finished goods for compliance and reporting
  • Easy-to-find asset tracking data and 24/7 delivery logistics
  • Comprehensive component roadmap tracking with EOL date visibility
  • PLM visibility with change revision control and traceability

Hatch enables cross-functional collaboration for your operations and with your MBX team

Drill into flexible product options to select the right component for an order.

Every component option for your product is nestled on a single bill of materials for simplicity.

Own a digital paper trail of every engineering change over the life of your product.

Trace the history of every product update in a central, permanent repository. Create, view, sign off, and get notified about engineering changes as they occur.

See your orders progress through each build stage in real-time.

It’s like having window straight onto our manufacturing floor. As your orders progress you can see the exact work center they’re in on the route to completion.

Anything that belongs to you and stocked in our inventory is completely visible.

See finished goods, what’s allocated and what’s not, and raw materials on hand. With a few keystrokes you can change inventory levels, generate reports, and plan actions.

Communicate delivery schedules with the confidence of knowing when your products will arrive.

A full-service tracking features can also notify you of shipments and deliveries. It also allows you to track shipments destined for MBX and non-MBX related codes.


Everything you’d expect from a trusted hardware partner

  • ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 quality certifications
  • ANAB accredited
  • NTSA member
  • ITAR compliant
  • NIST 800-171 management of controlled information
  • US owned and operated
  • Small Business classified


Flexible architecture for exceptional performance

Variable GPU configurations and form factors provide unparalleled rendering performance for high-fidelity simulations

MBX Portable Semi-Rugged IGVarion™ P1
A GPU powerhouse without borders. Everything you need in a portable image generator, host or workstation, featuring the latest single or dual graphics cards.

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MBX 2U Reference PlatformVarion™ G1-SD2
Large capacity GPU packs a punch. Rock-solid 2U platform with astonishing customization as a host system, image generator, or both.

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MBX 4U Reference PlatformVarion™ G1-FIO4
Big on performance, small on space. Robust 4U with up to 8 GPUs performs like a “rack-in-a-box” as a host or image generator platform.

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See How Customers are Succeeding with MBX Multi-node solutions in turnkey rack assemblies

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Aechelon 4u Server

We need a hardware integrator with a strong engineering team, but we don’t want them telling us how to do our business. MBX lets us pick and choose the engineering tasks we want their help with. It’s a collaborative approach that is part of their corporate DNA.