Amp up your performance and scalability with a hardware platform engineered for capacity without breaking the bank

Ever notice how processor and memory costs seem to accelerate as fast as data retention requirements?

That’s hard to digest when you’re trying to squeeze out max performance per terabyte for your storage server platform to manage the explosion of data. Before configuring your hardware, MBX engineers listen to your product strategy and then balance your need for dense, scalable architecture with your performance, longevity, and environmental goals.

Key Benefits

The benefits MBX Systems can bring to tackle your purpose-built storage server platform.


Stable cost per terabyte in scalable platform designs

Scale up, out, and to the cloud with maximum reliability and density, from small form factors to multiple rack-mounted systems and as many terabytes of capacity and abundance of CPU as your solution needs. We’ll put the maximum performance in the minimum footprint to address energy consumption concerns, for the most environmentally-friendly storage solution money can buy.

Hatch is a very impressive platform, offering many critical and complicated pieces of information in an easy to use format. You’ve raised the bar on what’s possible in terms of an ERP system overlay.

Spectra Logic Storage Management Software

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Scale Computing Delivers ‘Data Center in a Box’ on MBX-Built Appliances

Leading Hyperconvergence Vendor Standardizes on MBX to Achieve Extensive Customization, Hardware Consistency & Smooth Deployments

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Working with respected hardware manufacturers around the globe.

Dell EMC OEM servers with MBX value-added services streamlines your technology deployment.

Custom server integration for your technology optimized with NVIDIA Quadro GPU products.

Flexible and customizable OEM server solutions, optimized for your software.

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