high frequency trading

High-frequency trading

Designing high-speed ultra-low-latency hardware solutions to boost performance and provide a competitive advantage


When transactions are measured in microseconds, hardware latency is the enemy

man programming on computer with codes displayed

Agile hardware engineering

Agile solutions engineered to stay on the forefront of technology

With the relentless rate and pace of technology-enabled high-speed trading, MBX can keep you at the forefront of newly released hardware to respond to changing market conditions. An agile hardware solution that’s intelligently designed brings together powerful technologies in a way that can be effectively refreshed to minimize total cost of ownership over the life of your product.

computer chip close up

Performance-driven architecture

Extreme low latency, high reliability, and fast performance

Packing more processing speed using reliable and secure commodity hardware for your solution is MBX’s specialty. Our high-performance arsenal includes acceleration technologies such as FPGAs, GPUs, CPUs, flash, and solid state drives. Extensive partner relationships with top-tier hardware manufacturers such as Intel, NVIDIA, PNY Technologies, and others regularly allows access to pre-release components to test with your solution.

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High touch turnkey support

Mbx solutions aren’t simply finished products, they’re turnkey deployments

The benefits of working with MBX is end-to-end support for the life of your product. We provide a high-touch turnkey deployment, from engineering the components, networking, and clustering, loading your base image for testing, and providing support services after deployment. With a Configurable Bill of Materials in MBX Hatch, you can easily customize component selection per deployment. Before products leave our facility, you have the opportunity to test your integrated hardware with your software to validate everything performs as expected. And after it’s deployed, the MBX support services team will provide hardware warranty and support services, including lifetime telephone support.

Hardware & Beyond

Customers value our high-touch customer experience as much as our high-quality manufacturing. Our sweet spot is streamlining the hardware experience — from new product introduction through last-mile delivery.

hardware design and set up page

Design & Setup

Consultative engineering

Value analysis

New product architecture

Design for manufacturing

manufacturing and supply chain page

Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Configurable bill of materials

Component traceability + data harvesting

Automated image, test and verification

Work in progress visibility

distribution and logistics service page

Distribution & Logistics

Customized inventory programs

Turnkey global exportation

Warranty program execution

Reverse logistics


Lifecycle Management

Live hardware support

Sustaining system engineering

Component EOL tracking

Engineering change management

Plus the tools to unleash the potential of your hardware operations

Empower your team to work better together using MBX Hatch

Hatch software revolutionizes hardware execution by transforming how hardware teams work. Purpose-built for the complexities of hardware management, Hatch blends disparate operational roles into a collaborative team, providing the tools and transparency to plan, manage, deploy, and support hardware solutions for improved execution – all within a single platform.

Maximize visibility + control with your hardware manufacturing with MBX Forge

Transparency and uniformity are fundamental to orchestrating your hardware operations. The interoperability between Hatch and our Forge automated manufacturing environment gives you real-time visibility to your products being built, configured, tested and verified. Only MBX gives this level of granularity.
MBX Forge


The proof that shows we stand up to our claims


Quality manufacturing


On-time delivery


Customer retention

We had an error we were unable to diagnose, and the MBX support team worked with us late into the night in diligent pursuit of a solution, even when it surfaced that it might not be a hardware problem.


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