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Hardware building blocks and custom industrial design and manufacturing for embedded, AI, edge and compute systems

Smart mobile medical carts

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These building block platforms are easily customized to optimize the performance of your technology.

  1. Healthcare
  2. Life Sciences
  3. Immersive Extended Reality


Delivering maximum availability and performance in a variety of environments

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Meticulously designed for maximum storage and reliability

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Patient Monitoring

From mobile AI/ML to telehealth to multi-GPU rackmounts

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Display Systems

A range of commercial monitors, embedded displays, panel PCs, and all-in-ones

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Accelerated platforms for large datasets and high speed performance computing requirements

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Data Security

Uncompromisingly reliable and secure rackmount servers

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Performance-driven platforms supporting high-throughput computational requirements

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High powered servers with best-in-class storage

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VR / AR / MR

Uncompromisingly reliable and secure rackmount servers

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