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Mixed Reality

It takes the best and brightest software minds to develop mixed reality technology. It takes the most innovative and strategic hardware minds to integrate the right technology to drive it, and execute it flawlessly. Every time, MBX delivers. Customized hardware and + HMD integration for turnkey deployments.


Current Markets

mixed reality medical


military training markets


entertainment market


mixed reality education


Customizing hardware for the complex variabilities of military and defense applications

virtual reality solution customization

Solution customization

All-in-one solutions built on a foundation of deployment-ready or custom platforms

No matter how demanding the scenarios are for your immersive technology, the hardware and HMD combination must replicate the environment with precision.

HMD customization can include a camera bracket, lens changes, headphones, and other details to give the simulated setting real-world clarity

Reference platforms are flexibly designed for customization, to integrate the best component combination for your technology

System design can factor in environmental testing for temperature, noise, shock/vibration, and more, to fit the use case

computer chip

Product lifecycle management

Strategic roadmap for your platform updates

To keep up with the advances in gaming technology powering MR solutions, it’s important to work with a hardware partner who maintains a comprehensive hardware roadmap.

Solutions are designed with hardware longevity in mind throughout the evolution of both the software and hardware

Platform engineers report which component updates are relevant, address their impact, research and propose any design changes, and run a test plan with the replacement

Hardware bills of material in Hatch show manufacturers' published EOL dates, accessible to you at the touch of a button

hatch engineering change management

Inventory management

Stocking programs built around your needs

Pave the way for smooth product deployments and gain complete visibility to item sourcing, securing and stocking with our agile inventory solutions.

Reduce lead times with build-to-stock or build-to-forecast option, with additional item sourcing and stocking such as rugged cases and peripherals for turnkey deployments

Proof of concept demo inventory management includes reverse logistics, refurbishment and restocking services for returned units

Extend product lifecycles with MBX procuring and stocking EOL components with a ‘last time buy’ strategy

Generate custom inventory reports and plan actions around replenishments using the intelligent inventory management features in Hatch

mixed reality strategic partners

Strategic partnerships

Exceptional product design grounded in quality partnerships

Reap the benefits that impact engineering, procurement and product support from our strategic relationships with leading industry manufacturers.

Advanced access to technology roadmaps with visibility into manufacturers’ EOL dates extends the window to prepare for product changes

Earning partner status provides greater supply chain benefits for sourcing, pricing and lead times

Pre-release product samples allow MBX engineers to test new components with your solution for potential performance improvements

Tightly linked support teams between MBX and manufacturers accelerate the resolution of product support needs

Use our hardware orchestration platform for

Program transparency

Customers have 24/7 access to MBX Hatch, a comprehensive toolset for teams to collaborate and manage every facet of their hardware program.

  1. Lifecycle Management

  2. Engineering changes

  3. Supply chain analyzer

  4. Inventory Management

  5. WIP Tracking

  • hatch product management revision control

    Lifecycle Management

    Gain control over the evolution of your products with a digital paper trail to trace every engineering and component change. Proactively plan your software refresh cycle with visibility into each component's end-of-life.

  • hatch change management standards

    Engineering changes

    Oversee engineering changes in a traceable repository. Every description, due date, status, review, and approval is consolidated in one spot. Say goodbye to archaic spreadsheets, errant emails, and extraneous applications.

  • hatch shipments

    Supply chain analyzer

    International events can trigger supply chain obstacles at any moment. Besides showing the country of origin for individual components in your products, the Supply Chain Analyzer break down the overall percentage by country to guide product decisions.

  • hatch inventory management

    Inventory Management

    Intelligent inventory management shows everything, everywhere. If your name is on it, from raw materials to branding to finished goods, you see it. Generate custom reports and plan actions around replenishments, build schedules, and all things inventory related.

  • hatch engineering change

    WIP Tracking

    Tracking work in process in real-time down to the work center allows you to accurately update customers for orders in process. If a production issue or component problem arises, Hatch flags it. There are no curtains to hide behind.

We need a hardware integrator with a strong engineering team, but we don’t want them telling us how to do our business. MBX lets us pick and choose the engineering tasks we want their help with. It’s a collaborative approach that is part of their corporate DNA.

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On-time delivery


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