Accelerating Computer Vision Application Development

November 4, 2022 —

Modular mobile carts & pre-trained learning models save months in bringing products to market

Software developers of smart hospital solutions were accustomed to spending up to two years and $100,000+ for custom medical cart design, engineering and mold injection, and nearly that long to build machine learning models from scratch.

Today, by contrast, developers can bring targeted computer vision solutions to market in just a few months by using innovative hardware and software building blocks that eliminate all but the last mile of development work.

Using these types of building blocks is up to 80% faster than designing, testing, certifying, manufacturing and deploying computer vision healthcare applications from scratch. This fast-track strategy can also save thousands or even millions of dollars in development costs, helping medtech solutions providers achieve a solid return on investment.

Read how these solutions can be quickly integrated to fit specific use cases without wasting time and money on preliminary development activities.

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Roger Lam


Vice President of Engineering

Roger leads a multi-functional team of engineers at AHEAD that develop, verify and maintain next-gen hardware platforms for complex technologies including Kori, AHEAD’s modular mobile platform for computer vision applications. Roger has 18 years of experience developing medtech computing devices for developers of all sizes, including GE, Siemens and Phillips.

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