An Easier Way to Manage Your Certification and Compliance Requirements in Hatch

September 12, 2022

Regulatory compliance and country-specific certifications are serious business in the global marketplace. Today they’re affecting tech industry segments like never before and are making international commerce more complicated. Done right, it can potentially create opportunities for business growth and a competitive advantage with economic benefits.

But the laws are complex. In highly regulated industries like medical devices, for example, new regulations are constantly being implemented to enhance product quality and safety. Likewise, individual countries have the ability to change their import certification requirements in short order. Any slip ups in compliance can result in fines, penalties and loss of market access.

With Hatch, certifications aren’t a mystery

Hatch has extensive features to help you effectively oversee your hardware platforms’ product certification and testing process, and it provides quick answers to your order management and supply chain teams when they need to know when and where your products can ship.

In the Product Compliance section, a new feature provides visibility to certification status based on each product and whether it’s: Certified, In Progress or Expired (with expiration date).

If you switch tabs you can see Global Compliance Status by Country, showing everywhere your products are certified for export. Hatch makes it easy to see which certifications are needed and completed, and those that are in progress.

For even greater visibility across your organization, we’ve enabled customers to embed the Global Compliance Status by Country table into their internal ERP webpage. In plain sight, a user can hover over any product to see the associated certifications.

Hatch lessens the burden of compliance management

Compliance management is hard work and time consuming, but it’s an integral part of business operations and strategy execution. With Hatch, we’re trying to make it easier and more transparent by capturing, consolidating and managing the status of product certifications to enable seamless collaboration across your team.

Are you up to date on all the great features of Hatch? Reach out to your MBX account manager for a refresher demo so you don’t miss out on any of its time- and effort-saving tools to manage your hardware operations.

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