ARM-Based Processors Are The Future: Delivering High Performance, Low Cost, Sustainable Computing Solutions

July 26, 2023

ARM-based processors have been widely used in the majority of smartphones for a long time, handling specialized workloads with lower power consumption than x86-powered alternatives. Now companies like Ampere and Supermicro have developed technologies to expand these benefits to broader use cases, and MBX, now part of AHEAD, is engineering hardware platforms using ARM technology.

For technology developers and data center managers, this whitepaper will broaden your knowledge and provide valuable insights to aid in evaluating ARM-based solutions for complex or large-scale computing deployments. It covers the advantages of ARM-based processors for technologies that were previously deployed with x86 architectures and the best use cases for cloud and enterprise applications.

Learn about the benefits ARM architecture can bring to your tech deployments and how MBX/AHEAD Engineered Solutions is streamlining the adoption of ARM-based technologies with industry leaders Ampere and Supermicro.

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