Brand Cam: FireEye PX and IA Series

May 5, 2016 | Post

Creating brand awareness while maintaining cost efficiency

When it comes to custom branding an appliance, sometimes less is more. By keeping branding simple yet prominent, you can stretch a dollar to create greater brand recognition while maintaining lower costs.

FireEye, a leader at stopping today’s advanced cyber attacks, worked with MBX to create custom branding for its Network Forensics (PX) and Investigation Analysis (IA) appliances along with packaging that’s not only clean and simple, but also furthers their brand image and maintains cost efficiency. Here’s how we did it:

Branding the Systems

Brand Cam FireEye 2U Chassis

All FireEye appliances (which include 1U, 2U, and 3U systems) include branded dome badges to a recessed area on the front of the bare chassis near the drive trays. This minimalist technique clearly labels the systems without adding the costs of fully branding them.


To brand the FireEye 1U appliance, a black Supermicro faceplate with an attractive venting pattern was used as the basis, but it became unique to FireEye with the use of a branded badge customized with its logo and a brushed aluminum background. The simple addition of the badge is an excellent alternative to more costly but comprehensive customization techniques, and its look and feel complements its brand image and the theme of network security.

Branding the Packaging

FireEye customers can recognize the brand before even opening up the carton due to custom packaging. System boxes are branded with a FireEye screen-printed logo and smaller accessory boxes are branded with a bumper sticker application. Both methods prominently display the FireEye logo in a sharp, eye-catching way that promotes the company’s branding efforts and leads to a better customer experience. Custom 4×4 labels and branded packing slips add to the experience as well.

Wouldn’t you be excited to receive these boxes?

FireEye Silkscreen Shipping Box

FireEye is an excellent example of how custom branding can be affordable and crisp while still clearly conveying a brand’s image and purpose. Visit our idea gallery for more branding inspiration. 

About FireEye

FireEye protects the most valuable assets in the world from those who have them in their sights. Its combination of technology, intelligence, and expertise — reinforced with the most aggressive incident response team — helps eliminate the impact of security breaches. FireEye helps customers detect cyber attacks as they happen, understand the risk they pose to valued assets, and quickly respond to them. The FireEye Global Defense Community includes more than 3,100 customers across 67 countries, including over 200 of the Fortune 500.

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