Brand Cam: Little Touches to Build Big Buzz around Your Appliance-based Software Delivery

September 29, 2016 | Post

People generally enjoy opening packages, especially when it contains a new product they’ve been anticipating. Cutting the tape, removing the packing materials, finding a prized new possession — the excitement never gets old.

Now, think about that in the context of your company’s brand and how your customers react to receiving your appliance shipment. With your logo emblazoned on the box, no doubt they are excited to receive and unpack the shiny new product inside.

Have you ever considered how you could enhance your customers’ out-of-box experience?

As your high-touch hardware partner, we can help you elevate the brand experience for your customers, from the outward appearance of the shipping carton to unusual branded items added inside. What it boils down to: how do you want your customers to feel when they receive and open your package?

We often brainstorm with customers to come up with a unique approach to this experience, whether simply elevating your coolness quotient or really raising the bar and bringing the X factor. Here are a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing:

Shipping cartons: One of our hands-down favorite shipping cartons here at MBX belongs to our customer AlienVault. True to their colorful brand identity, this box stops people dead in their tracks and creates a buzz for its bold design and playful logo.

Custom Design Shipping Box

Custom foam: When you’re looking for a little polish while at the same time protecting your package’s contents, custom foam has got you covered. We particularly like the way FireEye chose to snugly protect their hard drives from potential damage in transit.

Shipping Box Custom Foam

Cool and useful inclusions: To get your customers up and running quickly, we can help you create things like quick start guides, branded instructional USBs, colorful cables matched to port labels, and more. For example, our customer Scale Computing includes a cool and useful screwdriver featuring their logo for their customers to rack the appliance.

The X factor: What’s the one thing you want your customers to think of to identify your company or brand? Let’s figure out a way to make this a part of your shipments! From tea bags and tote bags to t-shirts and toys, think about how you can create a buzz with your customers. MBX can help you make it happen.

Shipping Box Includes

We’ll do the heavy lifting, you take the kudos

Let’s brainstorm ideas to create the “wow” factor for your product that excites your customers. We can source, stock and ship the unexpected little touches that will set your solution apart and enhance your customers’ out-of-box experience.

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