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February 9, 2016 | Post

Rapid7, a leading provider of security data and analytics solutions, turned to MBX to manage its server appliance line, including creating crisp branding.

The foundation for Rapid7’s 1U R7-1000 and 2U R7-3000 and R7-5000 server appliances are Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) chassis, which allow for limited customization.

Vibrant Faceplate Branding

These Rapid7’s appliances utilize a pop-off faceplate, liquid coated with a vibrant Pantone orange color-matched to the logo that attracts attention in the rack. It also features a lexan badge that displays the logo, which stands out crisply against a white background. The faceplate is simple and sophisticated, yet its lively color really makes a statement.

Rapid7 1U and 2U HPE Bezels

Custom Packaging

Branded shipping materials further Rapid7’s customization efforts. An all black screenprint of the Rapid7 logo is centered on a craft color box, with items carefully packaged within. The branding is classic, professional, and sharp, creating a greater experience for the customers that receive these server appliances.

Rapid7 Silkscreen Shipping Box

Complete Branding Makes a Statement

Between the eye-catching faceplate and the clean, professional box, Rapid7’s branding comes together to further promote the brand and increase the software’s value.

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