Brand Cam: SmartFile

June 7, 2016 | Post

When SmartFile shared design concepts with MBX for its Enterprise HPE 2U and SMB Supermicro 1U server appliances, MBX took their vision for the branding and brought it to life, right-sizing the clever designs and ensuring that the systems met important requirements to operate properly, most specifically accommodating for proper airflow.

Creating the Supermicro 1U Chassis Branding

SmartFile’s 1U Supermicro appliance sports completely customized branding across both the chassis and faceplate. The faceplate’s venting includes a honeycomb design, allowing for proper airflow, and the bezel’s bright colors stand out in the data center. Beginning with a white powder coat, the chassis and faceplate are then silkscreened with a vibrant green and blue design. The chassis handles are also individually powder coated, one blue and one green, for a balanced look.

SmartFile Custom 1U Bezel

Customizing the HPE Bezel

Creating a completely custom HPE bezel isn’t an easy task, as there are many requirements that need to be met. For example, HPE requires that their systems allow for 50% airflow. To meet this requirement, MBX needed to make some important tweaks to SmartFile’s design. But with expert designers on the job, the necessary changes kept consistent to the honeycomb venting design of the suite’s 1U appliance.

In addition to custom venting, the HPE bezel sports bright and vivacious colors for a cheerful but sophisticated feel. Like the 1U, a glossy white powder coat is applied to the entire faceplate, including the honeycomb mesh venting, then layered with green and blue silkscreens. The end result is a colorful yet consistent bezel that harmonizes hardware from two distinctly different server manufacturers.

With these customizations SmartFile’s HPE faceplate is like no other, making MBX the first OEM-Integrator Partner to create an HPE bezel with no resemblance to the standard design.

SmartFile Custom 2U HPE Bezel

Small Enhancements for Big Impact

As if precise color-matched chassis handles wasn’t enough, when SmartFile’s appliances arrive in their customers’ hands, it’s impossible not to notice the color continuity with the green and blue ethernet cables and green and blue power cables. This attention to detail enhances their customers’ experience right out of the box!

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