Brand Cam: XipLink

August 17, 2016 | Post

When XipLink partnered with MBX to create four of its platform models, the major branding goal was to keep consistent with the same color scheme of its other platforms. MBX leveraged the existing faceplate design, making subtle modifications for improved, polished branding.

Starting with the Basics

XipLink’s chassis and faceplates are liquid coated with a textured, Pantone blue that matches its other models precisely. Furthermore, the bright, speckled coating makes the systems easy to spot in the data center, extending XipLink’s branding efforts. The systems also feature silver handles that pair nicely against the blue systems for a cool-as-ice look.

Brand Cam Xiplink Blue Bezel and Chassis

Having It Both Ways: Half Pop-Off, Half Fixed Faceplate

What’s particularly impressive about XipLink’s faceplate is that half of it is fixed while the other half pops off, allowing easy access to the hard drives. The fixed side of the faceplate features a 2-color silkscreen logo, as well as an LCD screen that shows system and networking information. The pop-off side of the faceplate prominently displays a model badge —an acrylic domed label printed with white text on a black background. With model badges to identify the four platforms, the same faceplate can be used with a unique model badge to identify each product line.

These elements work together to create a faceplate that not only supports XipLink’s branding objectives, but also makes for a majorly cool design.

Finishing Touches

Rear port labels add the final touches to the XipLink systems. The digitally printed Lexan labels make it that much easier to plug and play. Even the labels stay within the color scheme by using white text on a blue background.

From top to bottom and front to back, MBX branded XipLink’s systems with an eye-catching design while staying consistent with its other platforms.

Brand Cam Xiplink Blue Chassis Rear

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