Community involvement leaves an indelible mark on area non-profits

December 16, 2019 | Post

A few snapshots of the 2019 MBX Cares volunteers

At MBX, philanthropy is in our DNA. Every day that we come to work, we are surrounded by others with the same passion for service in an environment that fosters community involvement. Throughout the year the MBX Cares program sends volunteers into organizations that we truly care about, which becomes mutually beneficial – for those who give as much as those who receive.

With an annual goal of sending 100 volunteers out into the community, we can cover a lot of ground. And 2019 was no exception, often sending teams on multiple days to non-profits in our area.

2019 MBX Cares Organization Snapshot

Making Connections

Community volunteering not only connects our employees with the individuals served by the non-profits but also with coworkers whose paths don’t cross every day. Here, a few of our volunteers describe their experience, the community organization they served, and how their work positively impacted the recipients as well as themselves.

“This was my third year volunteering at Feed My Starving Children and I just love it! It is heartbreaking to watch the videos of these poor little kids literally starving. To know that in some tiny way we made a difference makes my heart full. It is fantastic to know that this organization is primarily fueled by volunteers and that each penny truly does go toward the mission. I also really enjoy getting to know MBX teammates I don’t usually have the pleasure of interacting with. It’s all around such a fun and fulfilling day.” 

Sue Niewiarowski, Senior Business Development Executive

“Volunteering at Libre Infancia was a life-changing experience. Little did I know that any kind of help big or small can potentially change someone’s life. There are kids who really don’t have anyone to look up to. I spent time with them during their activities and listened to some of their struggles and what they’ve gone through. It was a big eye-opener because it made me realize things people can take for granted. Being there to provide any kind of support, whether it’s by donating or helping out, is something I will keep with me for the rest of my life.”

Jenniffer Taracena, Assembly Technician

“As is often the case, working alongside the community in the Lambs Farm program was the most rewarding part of the experience. The thing that always happens on MBX Cares days is the people involved are BLOWN AWAY by the productivity MBX brings. The expectation was that we’d package one large bin of granola for their shop, but we got through about 22/3 bins of granola that day. It was great to work with colleagues in other departments and help make a difference for everyone at Lambs Farm.”

Ed Jamison, Product Manager

“Over the years through the MBX Cares program I’ve been fortunate to volunteer with a variety of organizations to do painting, planting, event set up, and now sorting and bagging books for Bernie’s Book Bank. It was so fulfilling at the end of the day to hear we helped finish processing all the books needed for the next week’s distribution. Bernie’s serves 360,000 children annually to increase book ownership among at-risk children. It was fun sorting books with my coworkers and reminiscing about books we recognized from our own childhood!”  

Liz Molli, Senior Marketing Communications Manager

Socially Conscious Employees

Many times when recruiting new employees, the people we interview say they’re looking to work in a culture of socially conscious employees for a company that provides a foundation to volunteer for a cause they believe in. Organizations that grant employees paid time off to fuel their passion serve to reinforce this culture. 

We look forward to next year and continuing to share our passion for community services through the MBX Cares program once again, and making an impact on those we serve.

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