Doing Good for the Environment Through MBX Cares

July 20, 2017 | Post

It’s that time of the year in Chicagoland when the weather warms up and everyone likes to get outside for fresh air, physical activity, and to soak up some sunshine. It also opens up a lot of volunteer opportunities outdoors through our MBX Cares philanthropy program. In addition to being able to make a significant and lasting impact on our environment and community, it also supports our distinction as a “green” certified organization by the Green Business Bureau (GBB) and keeps us engaged in green practices in and around our facility.

In the spirit of volunteerism that promotes the “reduce, reuse and recycle” theme, here is a sampling of places we’ve had a hand in greening things up:

Community Garden

We’re tending the MBX Cares garden plot again for our fourth year. Our volunteers have been painstakingly planting, weeding, watering and soon to be picking the fruits (and vegetables!) of their labor. Not only does this yield healthy produce, but it also reduces our carbon footprint because the plants take in CO2e from the environment to survive. Some of our harvest in the past has been donated to the community meals we’ve sponsored at Emmaus House, Lake Zurich, and we are hopeful this year’s bounty allows us to do the same.

Partners for Progress

This not for profit organization provides equine assisted therapy to its community, and now it has gone above and beyond by establishing a children’s garden this year. MBX volunteers lent a hand to get the garden plot established by upcycling some old tires around the perimeter so the kids would have a contained space to plant their veggies.

Lake County Forest Preserve

It’s a two-for-one deal when you get to learn about the natural environment in our local woodlands while also eradicating invasive weeds like Garlic Mustard. While it can’t be done in one day, we sent an MBX crew of volunteers to leave their mark by clearing out as many weeds as they could while also collecting and disposing of litter that accumulated in the woods.

Bernie’s Book Bank

Although it’s not an outdoor project, it still impacts the environment as a children’s book recycling program. Bernie’s Book Bank in nearby Lake Bluff, IL, distributes books throughout Chicagoland to kids in need. MBX volunteers flexed their muscles and moved heavy boxes of books, then sorted and parceled them out to be distributed to kids in the community.

Volunteer activities that take care of our shared environment strengthen the MBX community, promotes social interaction across departments, and for many, aids in personal development. For as long as it’s summer there will be groups of MBXers out and about in their orange MBX Cares t-shirts, leaving a positive imprint on the many organizations we serve.

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