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Dynamic Duo: Varion Hardware and Hatch Software & Live at I/ITSEC

May 17, 2021

If it’s taking too long to get your IG products to market or your supply chain isn’t consistently reliable, check out our Varion™ COTS reference platforms.

Varion™ brings together robust, long-lifecycle hardware that’s customizable to meet your project requirements, managed inside our Hatch™ interactive project management toolset. The result: flexible solutions designed for performance and longevity.

It can take an overwhelming amount of time and planning to be first-to-market with the latest technology that’s worthy of your IG solution. Everyone’s goal is to win new projects, but hardware lifecycles are limited – a major challenge when proposals need to be written with future products in mind.

We understand your dilemma. Simulation and training software developers tell us all the time that hardware has been a battle for them. But that’s only half the battle. The daily challenges of juggling multiple project workflows and managing the mounds of data and documents that they generate require a small army to keep straight – and who has that?

Solving these challenges has been at the heart of our engineering and software development teams. We’re focused on designing innovative long-lifecycle reference platforms for the rigorous needs of image generators, while at the same time, beefing up our Hatch supply chain management toolset with features that solve the simulation and training industry’s unique data management challenges.

Sound too good to be true? See it live in booth #3004 at I/ITSEC!

Introducing Varion Hardware Platforms

Varion COTS platforms accelerate time to market for new customer projects by providing base hardware that can be customized for different project requirements using pre-tested CPU, memory, video card,  and storage drive configurations.

Varion P1 Portable Ruggedized Platform


Everything you need in a portable image generator, host or workstation, featuring the latest single or dual graphics cards:

  • MBX Portable Semi-Rugged IG
  • Ultra-compact and whisper-quiet
  • Weighs 16 lbs. and measures 12.80” x 5.48” x 8.49”
  • Available ruggedized case to protect the system on the go
  • Attachable to a simulator with a VESA mount
  • Supports NVIDIA® and AMD single or double-wide graphics card
  • Supports a Quadro® Sync II when paired with Quadro GPU
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Varion G1-SD2 2U Ruggedized Platform


A large-capacity GPU platform with a variety of customization options  to perform as a host system, image generator, or combo unit:

  • MBX Varrion 2U Reference Platform
  • 2U short-depth 20.5″ rackmount server with front access dual USB ports
  • Withstands operational temperature to 40°C and operational vibration of .00065g2/hz when using an SSD
  • Flexible I/O design allows for a double-wide GPU, a dedicated slot for an optional Sync card, and a free I/O slot for an add-in RAID controller or NIC card
  • Superior cooling through front air intake with 2 middle fans
  • 650W 2U PS2 AC power supply
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A scalable, high-density GPU system that performs like a “rack-in-a-box” as a host, image generator or combo unit:

  • MBX 4U Reference Platform
  • High-performance 4U rack server with 24x 3.5” drive bays
  • Up to 5 single or double-wide GPUs
  • With 4 double-wide GPUs, supports 1x Quadro® plus RAID controller or add-in NIC card
  • Front-to-back airflow and hot-swap redundant fans assure optimal thermal conditions
  • 12x memory modules for six channels per CPU
  • Dual 2000W high-efficiency power supply 80+ Platinum
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Hatch Project Management Toolset

Data-intensive and high-variability projects are easier to manage when you use our proprietary Hatch hardware supply chain toolset. Hatch helps you gain transparency, traceability, and control over your hardware by simplifying project oversight and reducing administrative costs.


Hatch’s features support complex hardware workflows with interactive functionality tailor-made for project-based hardware deployments:

MBX Hatch Shipments Dashboard

  • Tag, consolidate and organize all applicable project assets and data in a single location with 24/7 visibility and tracking
  • Trace every platform engineering change description, due date, status, review, and approval for all open and closed change orders in a central location
  • View EOL roadmaps for every component engineered into your hardware systems
  • Avoid component stock-outs and market constraints that can affect meeting shipment deadlines using the inventory management tools
  • Track orders in progress down to individual production work centers and receive alerts if issues arise
  • Validate all deployed hardware with secure supply chain reporting covering hardware, firmware, and physical assembly
  • See live shipment details displayed in various states: pre-transit, in-transit, and out for delivery with direct feeds into the carriers’ shipment tracking systems

See Varion Reference Platforms and Hatch Live at I/ITSEC

Schedule a stop at MBX Booth #3004 to learn how to bring your IG products to market faster on reliable long-lifecycle hardware and use Hatch to manage your entire product deployment process.

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