Fully Integrated Rack Solutions

August 31, 2021

MBX will design, build and integrate your ideal rack solution down to the smallest detail, so your customers receive a plug and play solution that’s operational right out of the box.

A rack solution is much more than shelving – fit, form and function all make a difference. It should be designed and built for plug-and-play installation while also providing long-term efficiencies and performance benefits. The best integrated racks consider requirements for network connectivity, physical and cyber security, optimized spacing and cooling, and other necessities. Even the smallest details matter to attain the greatest value.

MBX Systems has been designing, configuring and building integrated rack solutions of all sizes for decades. We have deployed racks that meet specific data-center dimensions, as well as accommodating cooling and enclosure requirements. We spec solutions for servers, storage, battery backup, switches, routers, and all types of passive and active gear. Our engineers also address your needs for remote access to the active racked gear or for limiting physical accessibility in the field.

MBX handles all the details, inside and out. We can wrap racks with customized branding skins and add your company’s logo. We can label and color-code cabling to reduce time-to-troubleshoot, saving your customers time and money. And we will consider your sustainability goals with regard to packaging and enclosures.

Visibility and quality assurance is built into every product and process involved with rack integration projects. Our Forge manufacturing infrastructure harvests your unique data needs and automates configuration, testing, and verification. Forge also provides multiple quality-control checkpoints to ensure consistent performance – from firmware to connectivity.

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