Industry horror stories that will send shivers up your spine!

October 25, 2017 | Post

It’s time to take a coffin break and read some creepy stories our customers have told us over the years about their nefarious experiences with previous manufacturing partners. Welcome to their nightmares!

Day 1: Field of Screams

It’s unfortunate when a system turns up dead on arrival (DOA) to an end user. But it’s diabolical when systems repeatedly arrive DOA in the field, and the users end up reseating drives to make the servers work! While our customer’s old vendor couldn’t fathom why this was happening, MBX easily solved the mystery of the errant drives. To keep the systems alive, our engineers used mad science to create a rubber bumper for the cost of a penny to ship inside the systems. No more DOA, and their users lived happily ever after.

Day 2: Trick or Treat. Smell my…Server?

Once upon a time, before working with MBX, a customer used to repair their RMA systems themselves rather than sending them back to their manufacturing partner. A mysterious support call came in one day from an unhappy customer who was plagued by the system’s nasty smell. That was a first! The RMA was received, and sure enough, it smelled to high heaven. When the lid was removed, to their horror, they found a rotten, half-eaten sandwich that the builder left inside!

Day 3: House of Torment

It’s the never-ending story that drives people batty — the curse of the vanishing end of life (EOL) parts! It’s shocking that some hardware vendors torment their customers by swapping in “like” parts from various manufacturers, despite what’s on the bill of materials. Then they frankenstein the hardware together into a system that hasn’t been tested with the software. For one of our customers, all this smoke and mirrors put a stranglehold on their software, and its performance suffered painfully. Tricks like that are a thing of the past.

Day 4: Systems that Go Bump in the Night

One of our customers had nightmares with their old vendor due to their dreadful shipping practices. It was frightening that they could stay afloat without knowing ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) shipping standards! Not all packages survived after their hellacious adventures — improper shipping methods and poor packaging caused damaged goods and DOA systems galore, driving our customer — and their customers — mad.

Day 5: Nightmare on Whelm Street

We’ve all heard stories about hardware vendors treating smaller customers like they’re invisible. The grim reality for one customer was that their prototype order took their previous manufacturer almost three months to build! Eventually, after feeling underwhelmed by ship date reliability and overwhelmed with late deliveries and angry customers, they decided to retreat and find a trustworthy partner. We’re happy they knocked on our door, and they’re thrilled that promise dates are met like clockwork.  

If any of these horror stories send shivers up your spine and feel all too familiar, we want to hear about it! Better yet, we want to help make sure nothing like this ever plagues you again!

We hope you enjoyed our horror story series and had a chance to see some of the latest features on our new website. If you haven’t, then check it out!

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