MBX Brings NVMe SSDs & Xeon® D Solutions to Server Appliance Design

July 29, 2015 | News

Integrator Poised to Incorporate Next-Gen Components in New Customer Platforms

Server appliance contract manufacturer MBX Systems announced today that it is equipped to engineer new customer platforms with next-generation NVMe-based solid state storage and Intel® Xeon® D processor-based System-on-a-Chip products. The company has close relationships with component vendors, ensuring prompt access to new products, and has been actively testing the newest components for several months.

The technologies will accelerate performance, decrease power consumption, reduce hardware footprint and provide other benefits to ISVs and OEMs involved in network security, storage, video surveillance and other industry sectors that utilize server appliances to simplify deployment of enterprise software.

Next-Gen Solid State Storage

The expected fall availability of newest NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) flash controllers will enable the use of solid state drives supporting the NVMe storage interface standard, allowing hardware appliances to achieve data transfer speeds reported to be up to six times faster than 6 Gbps SAS/SATA SSDs. Eliminating the need for host bus adapters by connecting storage to CPUs via a PCIe link will also reduce latency and power consumption.

MBX has been building hardware platforms with SSD caching or tiering since shortly after these technologies became available. For business recovery solutions provider Unitrends, for example, MBX engineered a full line of backup appliances with category-first use of tiered flash storage that yielded 300% faster backups, 125% faster restores, 200% faster local archiving, and a 300% RPO improvement that multiplies the amount of data that can be protected every day.

Next-Gen Processor/SoC Products

The small form factor and architecture of Intel’s new high-performance, low-power Xeon D processor-based SoC lineup provide a variety of opportunities to improve appliance design. Both the size of the mini-ITX board and the 128 GB memory support, for example, enable the Xeon D to be utilized for applications requiring a compact footprint or in clustered environments with multiple smaller appliances dedicated to different computing tasks.

The core design also supports exceptionally wide threading for such a small processor platform, making it ideal for high efficiency, high bandwidth appliance applications, while the Xeon D’s fully integrated SoC minimizes the risk of isolated failures. That includes integrated 10GB Ethernet, again providing more functionality on a single chip as well as further shrinking the appliance footprint. Intel’s 4- and 8-core Xeon D processors are available immediately, with higher-performance 16-core SKUs to come.

MBX will be exhibiting at Booth #1242 in the Black Hat USA 2015 expo running August 5-6 in Las Vegas.

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