MBX Doubles New Business for Custom-Built Server Appliances

March 15, 2016 | News

Strong 2015 Performance Backed by Increased Build Capacity, New Technical Capabilities

MBX Systems today announced a strong 2015 performance for its custom server appliance business, highlighted by a 106% increase in new business from ISVs, OEMs and service providers that need turnkey hardware/software systems to deliver their applications or services. The growth was fueled by the 2014 addition of HPE OEM equipment as a base platform option, expanded EU manufacturing and logistics, and long-time strengths such as full customization capabilities and 99.5% defect-free systems.

UK-based Smoothwall, for example, selected MBX to manufacture its high-end Internet security and content filtering appliances and ship fully integrated systems directly to their customers around the globe. Key to the decision was MBX’s ability to deliver a more customized platform and custom-branded chassis than Smoothwall’s previous provider, and assist in optimizing their hardware systems for both current and future needs. Other factors included MBX’s improved technical support, end-of-life component management and forecast-based purchasing model.

“We wanted more customization, more flexibility and better service than we were getting. MBX provided those benefits and has also become an important strategic resource,” said Philip Smith, Head of Product, Smoothwall. “Their platform engineers understand exactly how our software performs, advise us how to configure our systems to optimize that performance, and help us stay ahead of the technology curve. They’re not just a hardware builder. They’re a partner.”

Other 2015 MBX highlights included:

  • Plant upgrades enabling up to 640 systems to be configured and tested simultaneously at MBX’s primary Chicago-area facility, accelerating final assembly and order fulfillment for larger batch sizes.
  • Connectivity to global manufacturing facilities through enhancements to MBX’s Forge image and testing infrastructure, which eliminates weeks of customer scripting and associated costs by providing a pre-built system for capturing and managing customers’ software images and process requirements.
  • A new REST API that simplifies MBX/customer systems integration, making it possible to sync ordering, fulfillment, inventory and billing information between systems without placing integration responsibilities on the customer’s staff.
  • A 2015 Manufacturing Leadership High Achiever Award for Operational Excellence, marking MBX’s second ML100 award in three years. MBX was selected over 13 other winners in the Operational Excellence category, including Fortune 500 and Global 500 giants Avnet, IBM, L’Oreal, Nissan and Dow Chemical.

“In 2015, in addition to turning in a strong performance and enhancing our manufacturing infrastructure, we laid the foundation for a series of new strategic initiatives that we will be announcing over the next 12 months. These range from new OEM relationships and an expansion of our global business capabilities to new services that will strengthen and simplify our customers’ hardware programs,” said Jill Bellak, MBX President. “This ongoing services expansion has built MBX into the largest company dedicated exclusively to engineering and supporting purpose-built hardware systems, earned us near-perfect customer satisfaction and retention, and helped relieve customers of hardware responsibilities so that they can focus on building their own businesses.”

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