MBX Expands Suite of AI Hardware Building Blocks for Smart Hospitals

March 14, 2022

ORLANDO, FL (March 14, 2022 – HIMSS 2022 Booth #8158) – MBX Systems, a specialized hardware designer and integrator and sponsor of the HIMSS 2022 Innovation Live Pavilion, has expanded its suite of hardware building blocks for developers of artificial intelligence applications designed for smart hospitals. The company’s portfolio of AI/ML platforms dramatically reduces costs and time to market for developers needing turnkey mobile computer vision solutions, embedded AI systems and server-based AI solutions, including those that can integrate with existing patient monitoring cameras and speakers to support AI inferencing.

MBX now offers:

  • The industry-first Kori™ modular medical cart platform for AI/computer vision applications providing a choice of workstations, cameras and peripherals for different use cases, eliminating the need for software companies to spend more than a year and $100,000+ for custom hardware design, engineering and mold injection
  • Pre-configured, tested and certified MBX Varion® reference platforms optimized for edge-based medical AI inferencing applications not needing cameras or those leveraging existing speaker/camera installations, with a choice of four form factors designed for deployment as edge servers, edge devices or embedded systems
  • Support for AI/ML software building blocks such as NVIDIA Clara Guardian, NVIDIA Clara Holoscan, Google TensorFlow and Intel OpenVINO that provide libraries of tools such as pre-built training models that can slash development time for medical AI, machine learning and computer vision applications up to 10X

MBX systems kori mobile cart for smart hospitals

These building blocks can be used to fast-track development of AI applications such as patient monitoring, remote live surgery collaboration and advanced telehealth solutions. For example, AI inferencing makes it possible to identify patients’ movement patterns and create alerts when they are at risk for falling or experiencing a medical event.
“Advances in artificial intelligence are helping fuel the smart hospital movement, but AI application developers typically face lengthy and expensive development cycles in bringing new solutions to market,” said Justin Formella, MBX Chief Strategy Officer. “Our pre-certified, pre-tested hardware building blocks streamline the process by eliminating the need for costly custom hardware design and certification and ensuring compatibility with machine learning platforms that can further accelerate time to market.”

MBX is also participating in three speaker sessions at HIMSS 2022, including:

  • Accelerate AI Development, Future-Proof Your Products (11:45 am, Tuesday March 15) – MBX and NESA Solutions will discuss advances that have streamlined AI/ML edge application development, including how NESA applied NVIDIA’s ML application framework and MBX’s hardware building blocks for its new edge computer vision cart.
  • From Commodity to Custom: Finding Your Ideal Product Strategy (11:15 am, Wednesday March 16) – MBX will discuss when and how to migrate from custom or commodity hardware to time- and money-saving hybrid solutions, including how one company’s hybrid product strategy slashed product cost by two-thirds.
  • Bring AI-Driven Products to Market Faster with MBX & NVIDIA (10:15 am, Thursday March 17) – Tech experts from MBX and NVIDIA will discuss how to leverage software and hardware building block solutions to slash development costs and shorten time to market by up to 80%.

More information on MBX’s platforms and services for medical applications is available at Medical | MBX Systems.

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