Next-Gen Medical-Grade AI Platform: MBX Announces Support for NVIDIA Clara Holoscan MGX Platform

March 22, 2022 —

As the shift toward data-driven, smart hospitals continues to grow, AI has become a foundational technology in the healthcare industry. Automating many of the most mundane and error-prone tasks in healthcare can lead to greater patient outcomes at a fraction of the cost.

However, medical technology developers face several challenges: delivering a cutting-edge medical device to market quickly, meeting the stringent certification needs of the healthcare industry, and managing the long-term lifecycle of a complex AI-powered solution.

That’s why MBX is working with NVIDIA to provide a next-generation AI inference platform for medical devices with pre-certification and long-term support.

Read on to learn more about NVIDIA’s new AI inference platform for the medical industry and how MBX plans to support medical technology developers that choose to adopt the solution.

What is NVIDIA Clara Holoscan MGX?

NVIDIA Clara Holoscan MGX is an AI computing platform for commercial medical devices that require high-performance, low-latency AI inferencing. It is based on the NVIDIA Orin module to deliver 250 AI TOPS and scale to over 600 AI TOPS with an NVIDIA RTX A6000 GPU. NVIDIA ConnectX7 delivers streaming I/O with up to 200 GbE and GPUDirect RDMA for ultra-low-latency processing.

This next-generation platform accelerates delivery of AI-enabled medical devices to the healthcare market by pairing a hardware building block solution with optimized libraries for data processing and AI.

Long-term Support

Since medical devices typically have a long lifetime, Clara Holoscan MGX will include long-term whole-stack software support and long-lifecycle support for NVIDIA hardware components. This will reduce the need for undergoing costly hardware updates for obsolete components while ensuring the software is regularly updated with bug fixes and security vulnerability patches.


The Clara Holoscan MGX documentation will reduce the time and effort required for certification. MBX will also pre-certify the hardware building block to IEC 60601-1 standards, which is crucial for meeting the stringent regulatory requirements of the medical device industry.


Using Clara Holoscan MGX, technology developers can reduce AI medical device development to a software-defined problem. This enables the entire medical device ecosystem to accelerate innovation by reducing development time and lowering total software maintenance cost.

Application Framework

The NVIDIA Clara application framework is optimized for healthcare developers building AI-powered solutions for imaging, genomics, and smart sensors. Clara Holoscan MGX will enable medical technology developers to leverage this application framework for devices that require low-latency sensors and network connectivity.

In short, Clara Holoscan MGX will enable medical technology developers to deliver more powerful AI solutions than was previously possible with existing GPUs. This includes high-performance computing, AI inference, visualization and advanced graphics for solutions ranging from surgical video applications and surgical robotics to radiation therapy and interventional imaging.

Expanding the MBX Collaboration with NVIDIA

This latest AI inference platform will expand MBX’s ongoing collaboration with NVIDIA,  which consists of NVIDIA technologies integrated with MBX’s existing embedded and edge hardware building blocks that power AI-powered medical devices.

MBX is bringing to market products powered by NVIDIA Clara Holoscan MGX to provide a building block for medical technology developers that need more sophistication and higher performance. As a trusted hardware solutions partner, MBX can offer expert guidance to medical technology developers to deliver complete pre-validated and pre-certified Clara Holoscan MGX-powered products to market.

This next-generation AI inference platform will fit in with MBX’s existing hardware building blocks for the medical industry. By leveraging pre-designed modular hardware components, technology developers can dramatically reduce the time, cost, and complexity associated with medical device deployments.

Tune in for more information about Clara Holoscan MGX during NVIDIA GTC, a conference that brings together developers and innovators to discuss the future of AI.

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