Planning a new or refreshed server platform in 2017? Certify for IEC 62368-1 now

April 20, 2017 | Post

Protect your investment by certifying your systems now to mandatory 2019 global safety standards to avoid recertification and the consequences of non-compliance.

What would the impact be on your global customers if you missed your promise date because customs agents rejected your products for not meeting safety standards?

A major change in international safety standards is scheduled to take effect in June 2019. If you do the math, this will impact any new or updated server platform with a shelf life of 18 months or more.

The new safety standard: IEC 62368-1

IEC 62368-1 is an update to international safety requirements for electrical and electronic equipment within the field of audio/video and IT & Communications technology. It merges previously separate EN 60065 and EN 60950-1 standards for these product categories, changes hazard-based safety engineering procedures, and establishes a new risk assessment regime that affects both new product design and subsequent component changes.

Failing to certify to the new requirements can have major consequences: spending extra time and money to recertify as the deadline approaches, risking having shipments rejected by customs agents if you miss the deadline, and potentially compromising customer relationships if delivery is delayed because of customs problems.

Protect your investment

Working with a hardware integrator that is equipped to manage the certification process well in advance of the effective date can ease the transition and protect your technology investment. MBX incorporates these services into our engineering and global logistics processes, helping you plot out new or refreshed platforms to avoid the expense of recertification down the line.

Services related to system certifications include:

  • Component selection to ensure compliance
  • Prototype assembly for testing
  • Selection and facilitation of Nationally Recognized Testing Lab (NRTL)
  • Coordination of all testing activities with prototype at the NRTL
  • Completion of test reports and other regulatory documentation
  • Supply chain management to ensure proper certification for each country

Don’t let changes catch you off guard – we can assist you in engineering and certifying your server hardware to new global safety standards and deploy it wherever your customers reside around the globe.

MBX’s dedicated Global Business Unit supplies multi-country logistics support for platforms that we engineer and manufacture. Global capabilities include regulatory assistance for documentation, freight handling, and duties and taxes; overseas stocking, demo unit management, return diagnosis and repairs; software imaging, final assembly and re-manufacturing services in the EU and APAC regions; and more.

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