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November 1, 2022

Global logistics and supply chain management consumes over 10% of the world’s GDP. At the same time, global supply chains have continued to be disrupted due to rising prices, labor shortages, logistics bottlenecks, and more. This has caused international supply chains to become more opaque than ever.

Many companies understand the challenges associated with product distribution — from investing in physical space and other resources to learning the ins and outs of international trade laws — and choose to outsource this to an experienced logistics partner.

However, all logistics partners are not created equal, and the importance of their core expertise cannot be overlooked. Consider logistics programs for enterprise technology products, for example. It’s a complex industry with entirely different supply chain and logistics challenges than any consumer goods industry. One critical piece that’s often missing: deep visibility into the global supply chain.

Learn how MBX is bringing a level of transparency to the world of integrated technology solutions through its logistics services and supply chain software bundle.

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