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The Latest AI Trends in Broadcasting and Video Production at NAB Show 2023

May 22, 2023 —

MBX recently attended the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show 2023 in Las Vegas, which brings together leading companies in video broadcasting, transmission, encoding/decoding, hardware, and many other areas of video technology.

At the hundredth anniversary of the show this year, AI was front and center on the exhibition floor and in many of the conference sessions. We’re now seeing how rapid advances in AI technologies as well as improvements in hardware are transforming the creation, distribution, and consumption of video content.

Read on to learn more about six of the most exciting AI technologies we saw at NAB 2023.

Top 6 AI Technologies for Video at NAB 2023

1. AI-Driven Video Codecs

Video compression relies on codecs that convert raw video into digital formats that are smaller file sizes and compatible with different devices. However, it’s often challenging to compress videos without sacrificing quality. Using the AI-powered encoding and upscaling capabilities of Mediakind’s Atlas, video creators can transform lower resolution videos to fit higher resolution screens. For example, AI algorithms can predict and fill in missing pixels to improve quality while scaling videos.

2. Generating Metadata with AI

Metadata is critical for organizing and editing massive amounts of video content, but tagging the things that appear in each clip is a time-consuming process. Magnifi’s Digital Highlight Pro uses computer vision to detect objects, logos, and even key moments within videos and automatically tag them. This metadata can be used to generate video highlights and short replays to save time on post production. It’s also possible to create smart content catalogs and video highlights that are customized to each viewer preference.

3. AI for Super Slow-Motion Video

Slow motion content usually requires motion interpolation techniques to generate intermediate frames between existing ones to make videos more fluid at slower playback speeds. EVS’s XtraMotion 2.0 is a new AI-powered service that can render nearly any video into super slow-motion. Using proprietary machine learning algorithms and an innovative frame interpolation technology, the service can create smoother slow motion videos with fewer artifacts than many alternative techniques.

4. Adapting Video Content to Different Audiences with AI

It’s usually a time-consuming process for content creators to adapt their video content to audiences on different platforms. CLEAR® AI Reframe from Prime Focus Technologies helps content creators automatically generate content variants for different audiences. The AI-powered solution converts videos to fit the formatting requirements for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and other social media platforms.

5. AI-Generated Video Scene Descriptions

As video content libraries continue to grow, it becomes harder to find the right sequences during editing and post-production workflows. Newsbridge’s MXT-1 generates human-like descriptions of scenes to make this video content searchable without the need to manually tag each clip. The new AI indexing technology can link faces, texts, logos, and speech to create text descriptions that can be easily searched within seconds.

6. Text-based Editing with AI Chatbot

Adobe has developed an innovative text-based way to edit videos in Adobe Premiere Pro with its generative AI called Adobe Sensei. This allows post-production specialists and editors to change the colors, insert images, add effects, and more by entering simple ideas into a text prompt. By eliminating a lot of the most tedious tasks, AI will enable video production companies to focus on the more creative aspects of their work.

Video Technologies Are Rapidly Evolving

Besides new AI solutions in the video industry, there have been enormous improvements in data storage, content delivery, and other aspects of video infrastructure. For example, Supermicro and NVIDIA have launched a powerful new liquid cooled AI development platform that can run complex video workloads and AI applications like Stable Diffusion. The development of more efficient hardware options will only continue to fuel the adoption of AI in the video industry.

AI is set to become a foundational technology in nearly every industry over the coming decade, and broadcasting and video production companies are at the forefront of this trend. The AI advances we saw at NAB 2023 were incredible, so we’re even more excited to see where things will be next year.

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